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What else do you drive?


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ahardbody why did you get rid of the Titan, you couldn't talk me out of mine unless it were a brand new one with a Cummings diesel. oh yea they say that's what they're coming out with, will just have to wait and see...lol have a merry Christmas :wiggle:

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Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that. They are the best truck I've ever driven. I'm sure you miss yours, I hope you got back to a good financial place. I still would've bought your pathfinder if I could. But I to am getting the $$$ squeeze since my wife's mom is fighting cancer. I've had to put the pathy on hold until we get her to good health and the wife back driving again. Unfortunately till then I be driving alone. Beware though my wife is armed and loaded, no coming to Washington to still my pathfinder...LOL

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Sorry to hear about your wife's mom and her cancer, my wife had Kidney cancer and they froze it and removed it going on a year cancer free.


Thanks on the thought of buying my PF, it is almost sold, just have to get the 2007 Sentra repaired than it will be gone probably the end of January.


We miss the Titan, I miss my Dakota, and I miss my hardbody a lot, sucks getting rid of vehicles and I really regret letting the hardbody go, it was my baby I bought it new in 87 and it had a lot done to it. Oh well, my wife says all the time she should have kept her 67 Camaro's and got rid of her kids !! And I'm sure my cousin regrets selling his 70 Chevelle SS LS6 with 21K miles on it for $30K years ago !!!

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Glad to hear that she is on the right side of cancer and free from the pain it causes.


I to wish I still had my first car, 75 Cutlass 442, black on black with a landau rooftop and factory sunroof. Only75 were made. Today it would be worth in the area of about $70000 wo any mods. IT was the greatest car to drive, especially since I bought it when I was in 9th grade, and the only kid driving in junior high. LOL. I won 4 straight years the area high school drag racing championship. Those sure were the days.

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Yes we both have the same rims and I to bought at discount tire. Btw nice Tacoma, I like pu's with canopies, keeps a clean finished look.

Yeah I like how it looks a lot without it too.




I mostly put it on for security purposes. Its a two to three day trip from where im at in AZ to ID and i want my stuff to be locked up. I like how it is now though too. I want to get a bed draw system to store tools and guns and stuff. It is a pain getting in there and especially cleaning out, I can't just lean over the side anymore.

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Sorry just to jump right in but here's our 2013 Jetta TDI. It's my fiancée's daily. Walking Dead fans might recognize where this pic was taken.



My 2001 Frontier SC



My daily driver 1992 Jetta turtle I mean turbo diesel. I don't have any other good pics of this car besides the pic of it from the day I got it.



My Toy 88.5 Samurai which currently looks nothing like this because it's in 1000s of pieces in my garage.




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