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Thinking of joining NPORA?


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Hi there, and welcome to NPORA!


If you are lurking and thinking of joining the forum, what's the hold up?? REGISTER HERE!


Your registration process will go a little bit like this:


- You read the agreement, and check the box, and continue.


- Once into the registration form, please fill out as much information as possible. This information will help other members help you, when you want to trouble shoot info, we know what year & model your truck is, we will also know where you are from, so we can suggest certain places to buy parts. Also, this information will separate you from spammers.


Sadly we have had a lot of spam bots hit the site recently, so we had to up the security measures. Once you put in your information, and submit, you will come to a thank you screen.


- Now it's our turn. The Admin team is now manually validating every member, to ensure no spambots get through the registration process. Once you have been validated, you will receive an email from [npora@ipbhost.com]** letting you know you're good to go. I suggest your next step would be to post a HELLO in the welcome section!


Still on the fence?? We'll give you some time to think about it... we wont take it personally. In the meantime, check out the main website: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/


Happy Posting!




**Do not reply or send new email this address, as no one will respond. I have posted the email address only for you to add to your safe-list, in the event that your email spam filters do not let you receive the automated email from the forum.

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