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Random Picture thread


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So I dont know if one of these has been started yet or not but if not I though it would be fun to have. Just post up funny or random pics that you have or have seen online. Lets try and keep it semi clean or SFW.






for the red neck in all of us

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Damn, that took me a while to figure out!! Then I spit pastrami sandwich on my monitor.


Oh Sheit, thats gonna live in infamy for ages!!! :lol:


Um, I'm sure he shares his work computer with others. Yeah...



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Here is a blow up of my avitar:



Story (from coasttocoastam.com):

I took this picture at a wildfire in Vail, OR in August of 2007. My engine boss and I walked up the hill to greet the fire as it crept down toward the farmer's corral that our engine was assigned to protect. We were feeling the heat as this large juniper tree torched at the bottom of the draw. We stood less than 100 feet downhill when I snapped this picture. The flames were at least 80 feet high. As soon as I took the pic, I saw on my little screen this horned beast of the Nagual realm. His hand is outstretched toward me. He has the head of an elk, and it looks like he has some kind of satchel over his shoulder. I haven't ever seen a figure in fire as clear as in this photo, and it hasn't been edited in any way.


--David M Konyndyk


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