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Coolant Flush And No Heat

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I did a coolant flush today, only from the radiator drain location and refilled with same amount 50/50 mix. started the car and let it warmed up, but no heat at full hot setting (car has auto temp). any suggestions?



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Coolant change/flush procedure as per manual requires draining from the cylinder and water pump.

I read that it's PITA

I am about to do my first DIY flush and wondering if it's OK to do it simple way - drain from the radiator, flush with water couple of times, fill?

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ON the VG there are 2 block drain plugs if you want to get all the crud that would otherwise not get disturbed at the bottom of the block. one behind the alternator and one behind the PS pump. then remove the thermostat and shove a hose down the thermostat housing... Water pump can stay on.


I don't know if that helps or not since I never worked on a VQ. Pumping the hoses with the cap off and the engine running helps get air out and some of engines even have a bleed screw in the head or intake manifold that lets air escape thus filling the heater core and other tight spaces faster.

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What I alway do for a flush is take the top radiator hose off and aim it down. Stick a water hose in the radiator and let it run until the water coming out is clear. Then drain radiator and fill with antifreeze.


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I'm doing coolant change/flush ("lazy" way - drained from radiator, filled with water, drained it).

According to the manual 3.5 engine has 2 air relief plugs.

I looked everywhere and can't find the second one...


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