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Speedometer Calibration

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'97 Pathfinder SE.


Has anyone done, or knows how to calibrate the speedometer for my SE? The only shop, locally, that is willing to do it wants $350 CND. My tranny guy did it for free when he looked at my tranny, when it welded its self together, but he was bought out by some auto service company, and i cant find him personally. Can anyone offer any help or give references to look at?


Tks. P Rookie.

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That was the impression that i was under... get the proper gear ratio down. What i dont get is that Troy, my tranny guy, reset it and diagnosed my tranny all within a couple hours. so that leads me to believe that there must be a way of adjustment. The research that ive done all say that their gear or 'cog' driven, and all you need to do is find the proper ratio and your good to go. Yes thats right i did research before I posted, lol, i know how much that aggravates people in these forums. I should call my local dealer... as much as i despise their mechanics and service department.

If anyone comes across any information that might be of any use let me know. Cause somebody has to know. Right? Thanks again, guys.


P. Rookie

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For the manual trans, there are only two gear choices. IIRC, a 17 and 19 tooth used to compensate for different tire sizes. I have 31X10.5's on my '96 and the speedo is off by about 3 mph @ 60. The stealersip said I had the 19 tooth and there wasnt much else I could do. Might be different with the autotragics tho. :shrug:

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