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mileage...what do you guys get?


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On my last fill up I averaged 11 mpg. I need to fix a small exhaust leak, do need plugs/wires and front O2 sensors and I'll see when I stand after that. It doesn't really bother me yet but I still would like to get better mileage so the VG is running healthier.

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ya i had the same thing, it took me almost a full tank of gas to go 120 mi last weekend! as soon as i got back from my road trip my check engine soon light came on. i took it to autozone to check it. the code it was putting out was the torque converter. which would explain the crappy gas mileage. i also wanted to ask at what rpm is your engine at when your going 70 mph. im at 3k going 70 that seems a little high right?

so i start looking for torque converters and i cant find one online. are they only a dealer item or can i get them somewhere else? about how much do they cost?

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One this topic I get horrible milage. I was wondering also if the O2 sensors could be the root. I have no codes for them but i don't think they have ever been replaced.


I was also wondering if my exhaust could be part of the problem. The pipes that they put in when i did the cat-back are too large. So I have a bit of lag due to lack of pressure until I get to about 2500 rpm's. I have thought about re-doing the exhaust and Y piping it. And instead of running 2x2.25 dual in with a single 2.5 out do the Y pipe 2.25 single in and 2.5 single out.


I would love to see what you all think about this. If it will get me back up to normal low-end power, and better mpg then I will do it.

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15 on all highway

thats even after warn hubs, iridium plugs(which was a pain in my a$$), K&N filter charger, but ive also got an exhaust leak, 30x9.5 BFG ATs, and possibly a bad fuel pump/system, luckily no O2 sensor problems yet


what i dont get and im not sure if this guy was full of it he was telling me that he was getting low to mid 20's. Im thinking he was full as BS but he did have semi street tires on it but that still seams high

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