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Terrano R3m Service part numbers


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I thought it might be useful to post up the part numbers for some of the common service parts I've found for my Terrano for the benefit of others who have a JDM diesel Terrano. If you can contribute part numbers for either OEM or aftermarket parts please do! Here's some of the ones I have so far. I'll add any more whenever I discover a new one through replacing parts P...


Oil Filter

Nissan #15208-20N10

Ryco #Z416

Ryco #Z502

MAX Nippon filter (Diakuan Filter co.) #MO-229

Axcela #4NC-109


Fuel Filter

Nissan #16403-59E00

Ryco #Z332

Nissan #16403-59E00

Nissan #16403-59E00AU


AC belt

Nissan #02117-92023


PAS belt

Nissan #11950-43G00

Nissan #A195A-43G0A-GA)


Alternator belt



Rear brake pads

First Line #FBP3209 (same as UK spec R20 Terrano II & Ford Maverick)

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Resuscitating an old post, but . . .


"Japanese cars online catalogs" at http://www.epc-data.com/ provides a part look-up database. Not 100% comprehensive and a bit clunky to use sometimes, but certainly very useful.


Thanks to shasdakota for the link!

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