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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, I have 2 related questions please: #1) can I just replace the bushings and ball joints from the upper/lower rear control arms, instead of the full control arm? #2) Do they match any of the parts for the front control arms or any other parts from any other truck. My reasons are because I might need to do a full rear suspension refresh, but I'm not in the USA, and some parts in my country are either not available or too expensive, so it's cheaper for me to import small parts like bushings instead of a pair of big control arms. I also have cheap access to a press so it'd be super cheap to press them myself. 2011 4wd Pathfinder. Hopefully I made myself clear, TIA.
  2. Hey y'all, recently purchased an '87 WD21 w/ 130k miles. Was originally looking for a 4 door, but I fell in love with the 2 door when I saw it in person. The current suspension is old and saggy so I'm looking to upgrade. I'd like to run 31" General Grabbers (currently has the stock 30"). My goal is to give my pathy a slight lift (~0.5-1") to properly fit the 31" tires. Looking for a slightly firmer ride than stock, although I don't have a true reference because this suspension is shot and bouncy. I plan to keep the truck light - no front bumpers, no tire carrier, and I'm eventually going to remove the roof rack. Debating between: Option A: Bilstein 4600 setup (~$350) + Generic brand springs ($~120) = ~$480 My question if I go this route is, which springs would you recommend I pair with these shocks? The only springs I can seem to find are the Mevotechs & other similar inexpensive options. I found the OME springs, but if I get those, I feel like I might as well go with the full OME setup. Option B: Old Man Emu Nitrocharger (~$550) + OME2608 (Front) & OME2920 (Rear) ($~400) = ~$1,000 My question here is, are the OME2608 suitable for my truck? Vividracing lists them as compatible with pathfinders all the way up to 2014, whereas the rear OME2920 are 86-95 specific. Curious if anyone has experience with these setups. I'm set on either Bilstein since I trust their monotube design, or OME since I hear they're the cream of the crop. Would be nice to save by getting the Bilstein setup, but I wouldn't mind spending extra to get it right the first time. Any insight would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Moykas
  3. Hi there, Anyone out there with a good knowledge of the suspension options available in Australia for the R50? Both for lifts and OE height upgrades? The common wisdom on NPORA seems to be AC, ARB and land rover rear springs if you’re real nifty. From what I’ve seen the market is pretty different over here (tough dog, EFS, dobinsons even etc.), and it would be great if someone with a some experience could summarise what they know in this thread?
  4. Anyone heard any thing about these coils?
  5. Im sorry to do this but I have to beat the dead horse that is the ever spawning pathy Lift Thread. Ive checked almost every thread i could find and I just keep getting mixed signals. I would like to do a suspension lift and a body lift (not sure what would be good measurements would be). Im stuck because I want to learn how to do all this myself. However, I don't want to have to replace my control arms, torsion bars, ball joints if I don't need to and so many lift kits don't tell me what I do or don't need. As I'm in this learning phase, some guidance is really appreciated that being said I'd like to try and save money but not go looking for parts in a junk yard. I want a lift in the range of 2" to 3" (2" 1/4", 2" 2/4", 2" 3/4", etc....) this can be achieved through a combination of body lifts and suspension lifts as I'd like to learn both methods. I'm going to have a mechanically inclined friend help me put and teach me a bit but some guidance for purchasing parts or kids would be appreciated heavily. In the form of an aesthetically appealing measurement, my noob mind's ideal suspension lift is: 2" suspension lift + 1/4", 2/4", 3/4" Body Lift. Im a bit confused still but with the research i've done on kits, you shouldn't have to change your control arms on anything 2-3 inches typically? not sure about torsion or camber or ball joints being changed though? 1) OLD MAN EMU 1.75" i've looked at the old man emu one because 1.75" lift plus 1inch body lift is pretty alright in my eyes (because of its simplicity) but jeez 650+ is possibly doable but do i need a specific torsion bar from them for the extra money >>> 990+ is a little steep but is the torsion bar worth it? i'm not doing crazy stuff and i don't plan on it but i do plan on over landing and doing exploring. 2) Rough Country D21 Hardbody Lift (all heights) I saw a forum talking about using a 3" hardbody lift kit and only using the shocks and control arms and then just buying some springs off of rockauto.com (but i don't know how to compare the height difference id receive? Perhaps you can provide a good alternative and explain to me how to tell the difference?). This seems like the best viable and most affordable option, However i can only find 1.5"-2" lift kit. is this going to give me 1.5" lift or 2" lift or a variable height in that range? i'm confused? 3) Id like to her any suggestions or ideas you may have and even websites you'd suggest. I appreciate your feedback
  6. ,Ok First of all im gonna say..... I love my 1988 Pathfinder. I told my friends id choose this over a brand new lincoln....i find myself rubbing the dash calling her my phat girl! Ive been working on her so much and always new parts. So i have issues beyond meassure. Ill just start with the major one. So theres a scrapping noise coming from under the car.... I thought it was my clutch release barring so WSL sold me one seperately. Of course 3 cross members i took off the gear slid transmission back. Popped in the barring. The noise was still there. So then i ordered the whole clutch kit which comes with the releade barring and the special tool to put it in.... MY GOD LOTS OF WORK! Finally i got it in.....nothing changed. Of course i drained fluid and refilled before and after.... I dont know what to do next? Details on the engine running: *sound is during idleing * 1st gear *2nd gear *3rd gear *not in 4th (so im constantly trying to drive in 4th at 60km to save the embaressing looks) *5th even louder grinding When my clutch is down to switch no sound. But neutral idling its grinding Please help
  7. Hello everyone!! I am lifting my Pathfinder soon. Well, as soon as i can find the right lift. Ive been noticing that ill have to get everything seperate and cant order a FULL kit. I found one that from Australia but it wont let me order it to the United States..... https://www.superspares.com.au/2-inch-50mm-webco-lovells-suspension-lift-kit-for~10251572 Would this even work or does someone know how to get it to the united states? I have done a lot of research but im afraid ill get the wrong things and to do some sending back and such. Could someone please help me with a list of things i should purchase to get a 2 inch to 2.5 inch lift. Thanks in advance for the help... Also im trying to keep the stock rims (17s) and not have to purchase new ones if possible.. ive noticed some parts require a 3.75 back spacing??? Also dont want to go with spacers... Thanks again for the help!! 2004 Pathfinder 4x4 LE
  8. Hey everyone, new guy here, and love some of the fine detail put in all over this site by everyone. I’m new to Nissan, and recently got an R50. She’s pretty much stock, but runs decent and body is in good shape. It was a good buy for the price, and all the research I did here helped me form a check list while going over the unit before purchase. Greatly appreciated! So my question is sort of region specific, I’m on the east coast of Canada, and I’m wondering if it’s gonna be more cost efficient to just get parts locally at say... Napa, or actually get stuff shipped that’s sort of Nissan Pathfinder designed. Not doing much to it right away, but I’m thinking of doing wear and tear parts, which will mean suspension, so I’m thinking of the 2” spring lift. Also where’s all the exhaust sound videos at? Magnaflow or what do you guys recommend.
  9. I plan on lifting my 2001 Qx4 but i cannot find anything more than 2.5'' in the front and 3'' in the back. Does anybody have any solutions to this? I thought about ordering two sets of the strut spacers and just stacking to desired height but wasn't sure if that was the safest route to go. Not sure about doing an SFD, still researching those. primarily looking for a suspension or body lift. If anyone has any ideas or alternatives please let me know! Thanks!
  10. Anyone have any information on anything pertaining to long travel suspension for our trucks or is everything going to need to be custom?
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