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  1. Dear drivers, please be aware that my turn signal is an indication that I will be turning, merging or changing lanes. It is NOT a request for your permission to do so, rather a courtesy to inform you of my upcoming actions.

    1. Pezzy


      Awe, see you should get a beamer, or a mercedes, then you dont have to use your turn signal... you can just change lanes as you please. GREAT FUN!!

    2. unccpathfinder


      hahaha...see I gave up on turn signals...I just do what i need to do when i need to do it...watch the finger and/or listen for horn and obscenities...i made the decision last week that in my nissan I am now using the front bumper for persuasion after some woman passed me to the left over a double yellow line and almost side swiped me...oh yea she got a piece of my opinion

  2. sorry... nothing to comment on

  3. ????? why you say that?

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