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  1. Yea, got lights, running board, & small luggage rack for 100$. I'm affraid i'll loose my emblems if I use silicon, but they need to be removable for repairs & whatnot on the lights.
  2. Hey guys I got some factory roof lights off a Pathy in the junkyard. I want to keep my (87' 2door) 4x4 emblems when I do the install. Is there a recommended adhesive when putting them back? I would also like to use the same adhesive on my hood vents as well. Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks Pezzy. I was a little worried about that size thing. My daughter just got a 70cc atv and wanted to play tug of war. wanted to share. It's pretty fuzzy so I will probably swap it out after while.
  4. Just a normal avatar. I have HP Image Zone that has a resize feature. Currently the image is 640w, 480h pixels. 102 KB is file size.
  5. Have a pic of daughter beating me playing tug-o-war. ATV vs. Pathy. Wanted to make that my avatar. Can anyone tell a newbie how to create one?
  6. bfillmer, go to the top of the web site and see if you have any new messages. Tried to send you some contact information. It was my first time trying the PM feature on the forum. I may have failed miserably. Plan to go the junkyard Friday after work to check out the Pathy. will take some photo's of whatever i can find on your list.
  7. He's already given me a price for the roof stuff I'm expecting him to throw in the mirror for the same price. See Newbie topic about moonroof for the whole story. Speaking of 5'2 blonde. The rearview mirror had a dog's choke collar on it. thought it looked cool so I left it hanging on the mirror. The guys at work are teasing me about how gay it looks. I knew they have the rainbow already, anyone know of hidden messages about dog choke collars. You never know when your getting ribbed or when they're serious.
  8. I've been around awhile but ran low on funds and lost interest. Your needs list is a lot like mine. Found what I think to be an '89 in the junkyard. When taking the passenger side mirror for myself, just cut the wire since mine was not power. Plan to go back on the 15th for the roof lights & luggage rack. If I can score you the driver side mirror can I cut wires and let you splice. if you need the the wiring intact back to the power source I may need some instructions on how to remove it correctly. Will take your list and see what's available and what they will sale it for. I'm expecting it to be cheap. He's a cash only junkyard, so you will probably have to send him a money order. I don't mind pulling the parts for you that is fun to do anyway. Last weekend he sold me Passenger mirror, rear view mirror, dimmer switch, and antenna for $40.
  9. Words mean a lot. I call it a moonroof, b/c it pops up 3", to get more air you have manually remove the glass. I took a sunroof to mean that it slides completely open w/o having to remove the glass. I'm pretty sure the junkyard find is an '89 after further research. the roof looks just like romano_193 from the members page. It has the 8" molding strip on the roof right above the triange mirror. I'm going to snag the parts. definitely install luggage rack & lights. sober up and decide on the SUNROOF. measure twice cut once right? Thanks for the quick response.
  10. Found what I think is '88 pathy. 2dr w/ powerwindows, locks, & cruise. I don't think those options were available on the '87 that I own. The guy at the junkyard said he'd sale the Moonroof, overhead floodlights, and luggage rack off of it for 100$. 1. is it a bad idea to install sunroof that is not new? 2. where could one look for replacement gasket? 3. what's the best way to identify the year model for a pathfinder found in junkyard?
  11. Woops, to fast to judge. Looked at it with a friend. He convinced me the tail pipe was giving me an optical illusion. With the tail pipe in the way, you can see more tire tread on one side that the other. I'm pretty sure i'm level now.
  12. Thanks '88 I'm pretty sure you authored the rear suspension lift instructions that were followed. You did a great job. Not one surprise. :bow: Do have one question, looking at Pathy closely, it looks like the passenger side is about an inch higher in the back than the driver side. Could that be one of the used JGC spring is more residual or saw less load? The rear shocks have " made in japan" on them. Probably original '87s. Would replacing them help?
  13. That was a lot of fun. installed JGC springs. Do have a lessons learned to share. I was limited with a short jack. Had to drive up a ramp, block frame then lift axle & remove tire to get ramp out of way. (one side at a time.) wanted to be smart but I wasn't. When doing the 2nd spring I put the spring coil compressor on before I jacked up the Pathy. It popped out with very little encouragement. Could have saved a lot of time had that been done with the first spring. Now ready to lift the front by cranking torsion bars. A lot of recommendations posted for adding ball joint spacers to reduce wear & tear. Is there a detailed write-up for adding spacers. the most front-end experience I have is changing flats & brake pads. Are you better off just paying a professional? I have a lot of time but not much dough!
  14. There can't be any newer guys here than me, I've researched your same question hard. I came up with Suspension lift beats Body lift. What made the decision for me was reading the procedures for both. Body lift has BooCoo stuff to detach & re-attach. You also have to bend your shifter and possibly cut out a little coupon to use 4lo shifter. Went to the Junkyard today and got two JGC coil spring for $50. Didn't even have to pull them myself. I hope to get it done soon, the wife is already jealous of the Pathy and it's only been in the driveway 3wks. Hope that helps I'm sure someone who's actually done one or the other should be listened to. Even if they disagree!
  15. Tire Kingdom, The guy said they didn't stock Kumho, Had to special order! Sears in Baton Rouge (la) was also a Dealer. Next time I pass that way I will check for them there too!
  16. I read my last post and it didn't sound like I wanted. The Crock comment was for the Tire Dealer. Not Mr. Pickles my apologies Mr. Pickles advice gave me confidence I made the right decision. Thanks again Mr. Pickles
  17. Don't know yet, What a Crock Taking some advice from Mr. Pickles, my own research only came up w/ good things to say about them. Local dealer wanted $141/tire installation not included, I can get them on-line for $94/tire http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?ti...romCompare1=yes (first time posting link) hope it worked. Anyway hope to save $50-$60 total. Hope to get them on in the next 2 weeks Thanks Dagwoodzz
  18. 31X11.5-15 kumho's mud grips is what I've decide to buy. I've located some JGC spring coils in a local junkyard to lift the rear. I will need to buy some balljoint spacers for the front lift. I did want the grips! A man thing I guess. Thanks again for all the positive advice. I'm sure I will have many question when I do the lift project.
  19. Thanks for all the advice so quickly, The tires I have now are in immediate need of replacing. I will look closely at the 31s BFG MTs as recommended. Price will have some impact on the final decision. The garage forum makes lifting look like easy option for larger tires. I'm eager but new, so I will try to take baby steps. If this post stays active over the next week I will let you know what I end up with. I need to take some photo's to share as well. I still haven't washed the mud from last week. (My own little trophy) need a smiley face with diapers! Thanks again
  20. I just bought a 87' Pathy v6-xe 4wd 2wks ago. It's my work truck and w/end toy. However my offroad maiden voyage I was stuck in the mud 30ft from the Road. This is my 1st 4wd drive ever. My buddy (also a Pathy4wd owner) told me I should get the largest A/T's possible. Currently have 15" 30.5 and want to go up to 33's. I have enough fender clearance but am not sure about turning. Can anyone tell me what the largest tire is that I can put on w/out fear of major rubbing? I do not want mudgrips b/c I commute 1/hr roundtrip to work. Can't handle the noise. Thanks in advance, Dagwoodzz

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