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  1. I'm planning on building my own set of skidplates for my 01. I would like to gather some opinions of what would be absolutely necessary if I would be building it for you ! I have read alot of posts about 3/16 vs 1/4 inch, hidden bolts washer, steel vs aluminium.... depending how it goes, I might also offer it for others to buy....so... let your ideas flow about what would be your ultimate skid plate for your truck. One last thing; tell me what is it, if anything, that you do not like on your current set of plates and how you would change it.. ps. explainaing your choices would greatly be appreciated. S.
  2. do the self diagnostic procedure on page at-23 (the one with no tools)... ... This should at least tell you more about the health of your tranny...
  3. I suspect your tranny has set itself in limp mode... If you have a check engine light, I suggest you get the code from the "Consult" device at NIssan (you won't be able to get the code from an off-the-shelf" code reader as these are manufacturer specific (transmission)... If you do not have a check engine light, then I would start with the self-diagnostic procedure included in the nissan AT shop manual... I have uploaded it here for you... http://www.4shared.com/file/67415395/60f3df77/at_online.html good luck...and let us know how it turns out.. ps. I just tought of one thing....you could try to un-hook your negative terminal from the battery for a good 10 minutes...this could clear some stored codes and could make your tranny kinda reset itself...So if it's a electronic thing, this should fix it...if it's mechanical...it's another story...
  4. This thread is good place to start : http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19867 ,
  5. Come have fun to the 23rd edition of the victo's rallye. It's like a regular rallye execpt you do it in the forest, MUD and trails. Tractors and organizers are spotted along the trails to help those who get stuck. everything is supervised and organized. 40$ per adult, prices will be awarded just for your presence. inscription goes from 7 to 11 AM on the day of the event.. the rallye is almost 100KM in the trails !! the entry price gets you the rallye, the dinner after and the gift night (don't really know how to say it properly in english.. Last year there was over 700 trucks present. You DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A MODIFIED RIG. There will be a stock and non-stock trails. I know i'll be there...WILL YOU ? ! BE there at : 605 Notre-Dame EST, Victoriaville, QC.... Google map link : http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&a...&iwloc=addr Some Youtube video of the previous years : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...mp;search_type=
  6. Year: 1997 XE lift : No LIFT Wheels : 16" ROH Monsoon 16X8 -13offset Tires : Bridgestone Dueler A/T P245/70R16 Notes: no issues, no rubbing, no spacers photo:
  7. csutke: don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to get a full proof thread..Just a one place for info for wheels and lift kits on different paths.. I simple explaination of what you have and what was done for your specific rig is more than enough... LAXMAN: That's it..this is exactly what I want to see...The only thing I would do , for the sake of searching in the thread, is the format... I propose something like this : Year: 1997 lift : AC 2" coils Wheels : Xtrerra SC Wheels 17" Tires : {brand and model here) - 265/65R17 Notes: wheel spacers 1.5" had to be put on to stop the rubbing on full lock on the plastic skid plate and strut. photo : link here of the truck and wheels. Thanks laxman..
  8. For what it's worth, on my side I had a v6 engine which was clicking about 5X times louder than yours...the mechanics all said that the lifter were shot and new heads were to be changed for it to fix the problem... I tried a bottle of engine restorer 6 cylinders (silver bottle) and within 48 hours the clicking was pratically gone... It saved some time and after a year the clicking was still not back... I eventually sold the car and the clicking had not return.... So I guess you can believe or not these kind of products, but for me, i know , it made a huge difference... What do you got to loose....it cost about 15$...
  9. I would like to propose a discussion about the maximum tire size vs the lift kit used vs custom or oe wheels. The fact of the matter is , most of us (neewbie) come here to either find what lift kit can be put on our rig.. After that we want to know what is the max tire size if we keep the OE wheel....etc... The thing is not all of this info is available a one place and sometime not all the details are there (ex: usage of wheel spacer to prevent rubbing)... I have read the thread about tires and lift kit, but having one place for the package deal would benefit most of us who do not have modified our rig yet but are planning to do. Having all the infos before hand, in details, could save us a lot of issues since , for me for instance, it is my daily driver. So I can't just go in a garage and play the try and fit game.... I mean we have to order the tires, rims, before the installation, and if they don't fit, well it's back the next time... Here's what I would like to see... If you have better ideas, please fill in. 1) Should be somehow sorted by truck and year that have the same setup(R50 96 to 99) (r50 99.5 -04) etc, and have the lift kit that was choosen, then the tire installed (lt 265/70r16) and any other modif to make this tire work (wheel spacer, trimming of inner fender, etc..), and the wheel (either OE or aftermarket with deltails important for the fit ex: backspacing, offset, width).. pictures would be crucial .. This would make an easy 1 stop place for everyone to easily see what it looks like and what is needed to make it work. This way we can order all the parts in advance, and get to the installation knowing what to expect before we do it.. So there it is, the idea is out now...
  10. Here's a good exemple of determination and refusal to abandon. a good life lesson!.. Bravo
  11. I know it's not the real thing...but is it worth something : http://www.jcwhitney.com/Coil-Springs/GP_2...03419_10101.jcw
  12. I took this picture on my way to work while waiting in line... I thought I share it with you... http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq71/st...ry3/squirel.jpg S.
  13. I just realized this...my cousin called me yesterday saying he was lifing is 4runner with 3" lift for about 200$ with a new parts kit... he told me basically it was polyurethane coil spacers.... I asked him if it was common for this truck and he told me he had verified with 4x4national (a canadian 4x4 modifier)m and they do it all all the time without issues...just a re-aligement to be done... So I checked a bit and found this...: http://toyteclifts.com/images/stories/pdf_files/ftinst.pdf The install procedure is pretty straightforward and i'm just wondering why nobodu did this before for the paths... here's what they seel for the 4runner for 140$! 3" lift : http://toyteclifts.com/components/com_virt...roduct/TAC3.jpg wouldn't these just fit for us ?? for all the mechanics out there : what do we need to check for the spacers of other truck work with our ?? I mean I read somewhere that jeep cherokee coils work on some applications (WD21 I think)...couldn't we just check for coil spacers for cherokee ?? if it exists.. Sorry SilverLion for kinda "pushing" the discussion here .
  14. This is freaking brilliant... if you go for it, I would love to see the pics and plans of them...keep us in the loop..!
  15. I found this : http://www.jcwhitney.com/Nissan-Pathfinder...4-600009908.jcw if you click on the pictures, you'll see different styles... I guess you just need now to match the one for your rig... But according to the site, these are for pathfinders... Cheers.
  16. It's one way of thinking it, here's a link to 3 different manufacturers of complete cv axles : http://www.racepages.com/parts/axle_assemb...pathfinder.html but I still think the real issue of boot tearing is the boot's number of rib and stretch properties... less rib means, the boot will have to stretch more to allow for the angle.. more ribs puts less stress on the whole boot because it can bend in more degrees without having to spread the strech all around... (hope you get what i mean).. I have still decided to go with the dorman ones when the lift will be done, maily because i'm shooting to not have to replace the boot after this because of a tear. I maybe wrong, but I'm willing to spend the extra 200$ (hell i'm gonna put a few 1000's on the truck with mods) to try to extend the life of the parts.. At least the board will benefit from this experience... My goal is to have the boot be as reliable when they are on a stock pathy.... therefore, no tearing (from normal use...not a branch or off-road mishap) for at least 100000km.... OK NOW is the time when you flame me with " are you crazy, they will tear just like all the other boots..:-) )...
  17. Why do you say it would not work when the part is listed specifically for for the pathfinder 87 to 03 it's listed in the application list for the product : http://www.dormanproducts.com/catalog/OESo...Accessories.pdf check out the install tool (no disassembling to do !) could proove to be usefull.. so , I guess no one ever heard of dorman before heu ? Thanks anyway
  18. I,m actually worried that the boot tears because I read horror stories everywhere about this... The real issue is that if it will make them systematically tear , let's say, in half of there normal life expectancy, then i need to reconsider maybe... I mean in reading that the lift cous accelerate the tear, and on the other side , pezzy, says she know afew people who do not have a problem.. Maybe, the real question is how the boot were before the ac lift. If they were old, the lift just accelerate the wear?..Also, having a tear in the boot is probably not noticable until cv joint start making some noise...which at that point is too late... I guess I can have a look once I do my oil change,,but that is every 5000k.... By the way, what's the real cause of the boot problem (if really there is one) ?? the added angle makes the rubber rub on itself all the time ? is the angle straight on a non lifted r50 (2001) ? Like pezzy said, I might be over thinking this one, but I want to have all the info before hand....and since the only way to really know is to ask those who already did this... so please everybody, put your 2 cents in ..
  19. This place is unbeleivable !... I ask a question , I receive a first comment 5 minutes after... Does anybody sleeps anymore ... hahaha.. Thanks pezzy!
  20. I'm soon ordering the AC 2" lift and after going through many posts, have also decided to change my cv boots before they fail when I'll be installing the lift kit. Now don't flame me, but I do not plan on installing manual hubs. After many thoughts, I would not be happy to have to get out everytime I need to switch on 4x4...and believe me,in Quebec, the winters are pretty unpredictable....and sometimes you just can't stop in the middle of the road to switch the hubs on.... I like the "luxury" of having on demand 4x4 and losing it would definitely annoy me. As i was looking around to see what were my options for boot, I'm seeing that AC sells them for 6$ a piece. But I wanted to know if there was any different quality in this and I got to this : http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/ItemBro...035491712204362 , these , supposedly, are better quality because, I quote, " : "Proprietary rubber blend and patented design offer maximum durability and life. Boots stay flexible in winter and are resistant to cuts and abrasion. Inner boots are made of silicone compound on several applications where they are subjected to extreme heat." So they sell for 37$ a piece.... is it worth it ? anyone had them before ? Also, let me ask one more thing regarding some of your experiences : I love my path for 2 reasons : 1) the look, 2) the reliability... I surely don't want to screw up #2 because i want #1 to be better, so , once the truck is lifted with the AC kit, how many of you, not running manual hubs, had issues with their cv boots afterward ? Am I really bringing a new variable that I need to be worried about ? Thanks for inputs. S.
  21. You're right.. i'm just on the south shore of montreal...20 min away of MTL... one more thing.. I did not see anything yet regarding official trails locations.... do we have this here ? I'm running wild (on the net and asking around) trying to find trails to go and have fun...but it's very hard to get any info...the one I find or hear are way off my rank having a stock path..
  22. I will post some pics of my new ride soon, but in the meantime, here's a link to my first love.... http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq71/st...eury3/path2.jpg
  23. HI everyone.... I'm so glad to have found this place...! It's like having access to unlimited amount of knowledge and opinions based on tried and true experience. You don't get this anywhere else... My story is a bit complicated but to make a long story short, I had a path (1997) for about 8 months before I had to sell it (and my house) after losing my job while having a 3 Months old baby....now 8 years later ,a new job, a new house and a beautiful 8 years old daugther , I finally have been able to buy my second path. A greatly maintained 2001 se with all the major issues (maf sensor, intake butterfly screws, antenna, cd radio) changed for 2004 versions.. I was lucky that this path belonged to a nissan head mechanic (his wife actually)... so even after 160000 km, this truck as no clunk or road noise and drive and feels like new... I LOVE IT ! Now I have been reading pretty much all the threads ( I can't stop !), and I especially like the one (i don't recall the name of the member now), who decided to swap body after rolling his red pathy...right in his back yard with his father... I mean .. talk about determination !!! wow!.. Well, I have a few questions that i'll post in the right places... So long for now... Steve.

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