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  1. 1384322878_20200624_1344343.thumb.jpg.ca4694b6e9f1a911a2a323947cb272a2.jpgI know this is a random comment but i wanted to get a response from a recently active forum. I have a 98 pathfinder and the gas leaks from the only rusted potion on the line below the passenger seat. There are 5 lines 2 are brake lines i believe and 3 im not entirely sure of. Anyone know?

  2. Hello i recently bought a 98 pathfinder to be fixed up because i am still learning and need something to practice with. I found a fuel leak under my passenger front tire and wish to patch this with a nylon replacement given that this portion is the only portion rusted at all. I found the leak i believe but i dont want to cut the wrong line. Please let me know what line is which from the picture ill provide. Any help is appreciated!  


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