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  1. I have a set of 31/10.5-15 AT tires with around 1000 miles on them. I do like my stock 17" Qx4 wheels. But, probably putting off doing a lift till I address other maintenance & cosmetics. Looking at tires and wheels I can replace wheels cheaper. But I cant find any info on weather I have to stick with 8" wide wheels or if a 10" wide would work with the stock suspension, both have the 3.75 backspace. I love the look of wide wheels, but Im worried about rubbing fenders. Not really planning to go off road till it's lifted.

    Has anyone run this combo, any issues?


  2. An update; I replaced both O-rings, however I probably could have just tightened the bolt. When I went to take it out, I thought my wrench slipped off the bolt because there was no resistance. So it wasn't even tight. No room for a torque wrench, but I did my best educated guess.

  3. I feel like this is the best way to lift the front of my 02 qx4.

    I can't find anyone selling a prefabbed "kit" and from what I've been reading, and videos I've watched the folks who cut a piece of tube for spacers and bolt them seem to always work loose after driving a while.

    My idea is to cut solid stock for a 3" lift and weld the upper to the body then drill/tap for the subframe to bolt into the solid spacers.

    *Opinions; pros/cons* to my way of thinking??

    Gonna opt for land rover springs in the rear.

    I built a missing link from solid stock (yet to install) and sourced some nice sheets of stainless to make skids plates, but want to do the lift 1st. Then build bumpers and tie it all together as needed.

    Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

  4. So my 02 QX4 has the tri-spoke 17" wheels, which I like. Came mismatched with 245/65-17 on front with 255/65-17 rear, all street tread. I'm not ready to make the investment for the lift I'd prefer.

    So at stock height; would 245/75-17 (31.5 x 9.6) or more desirable, 235/85-17 (32.7 x 9.3) fit without rubbing?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

  5. Thank you! Getting a list of parts together, getting the P1140 code, so gonna replace both valves, plugs, injectors, and power valve screws while I'm in to it.

    Anything else I should address or be aware of while the intake is off?


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  6. Just changed oil and found I have an oil cooler leak. Looking at them on eBay I see single as well as a 2pc set. Listed as;

    21334-30F0A - Oil Cooler Seal
    21304-JK20A - Oil Cooler Seal.
    Do I need both, or just the JK20A?
  7. Hello all,

    We just replaced a totalled Rogue (POS) with an 02 QX4, being 18 years old with 195K it's in need of some love and I'm just the man to give it. Looking at her in stock form I see a blank canvas, I'll do my best to share my journey. I'm a pretty savvy DIY mechanic and am equipped to fab/weld. I look forward to the sharing of information!

    And ROLL TIDE!

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