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  1. So after some long and hard thought I am not going to send her to the junk yard. She was my first 4 wheel drive and car I bought on my own (I'm 17 btw). I'm going to buy a rebuilt engine and throw it in. But while it is out I'm going to take my time and clean up the engine bay, go through the whole thing and replace whatever it needs. Also the most exciting part I'm going to get or build a SFD and install it while i have all the room I need. If anyone has the templates or measurements for a 4 inch SFD i will be very interested in buying them or if you willing throw them my way. wish me luck 

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  2. You'll need a SFD, I don't know of any selling them right now.

    Hey guys was wondering if u know where or what i can use for an 8 inch lift. if its a 6 inch lift with shocks to get it to 8 or whatever. wanting to do it JUST BECAUSE. Theres truck show coming up next year so thats the motive. car is a 2003 well taken care of replaced basically everything. car is at 130k miles.
    but yeah guys just wanting to know if its possible and if u could point me in the right direction. i know this is stupid useless and pointless.. but its just a fun project... thanks..

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  3. I am almost positive it's not the belt because like you said it would have been a valve or something by now. I will definitely check that out

    My first thought is that the timing does change a bit as the engine warms up. If you're checking it cold sometimes, and warm other times, you might be chasing what the computer does normally. Then again, I doubt you'd be digging into this if the truck wasn't running weird.
    If it's actually moving, and in the same direction each time, I'd pull the dizzy, see if it spins freely, and see if there's anything obviously wrong with the drive gear. I'm pretty sure the drive gear's just pinned on, and if the pin has failed, the drive gear could be slipping on the distributor shaft. Maybe the distributor bearings are going out and each time they catch, the drive gear slips a little? The only other thing I can think of is a slipping timing belt, but it sounds like you've adjusted the issue away multiple times, and I doubt the engine would be running at all at this point if it was skipping a tooth at a time on the crank sprocket.

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  4. You should be able to but you will definitely need to run spacers to clear the strut tower and frame. I have been getting ready to do the same thing.

    Wanna make clearance with 33’s hoping I won’t have to do any metal body trimming. Is that possible? Still using 15inch rims/wheels. Current tire size is 265/70/R15 uses a 2.5inch strut spacer to lift it.

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