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  1. I still haven’t seen anything at my local yards. They’re becoming more rare. Sent from my Pathfinder
  2. Like gloer has mentioned, the top out can be quite bad. I would go with getting the ome struts for this issue.
  3. Just FYI, you are running the shocks in the incorrect position. The shock body is on top and boot on the bottom.
  4. https://www.automotivetouchup.com/paint-codes/nissan.htm#:~:text=Paint Codes For Nissan&text=If your label was removed,color code over the phone.&text=The paint code for this Nissan Truck is AH3.
  5. Then you should have much more camber than necessary. I had that config and had almost -2*. That will certainly give you uneven tire wear on the inside.
  6. so you have the upper washer pointing toward the engine and the bottom washer tab pointing toward the wheel? That combo will give you maximum negative camber
  7. The camber bolts work because of the washers. If you want negative camber, you make the tab point toward the engine. If you want positive, the tab points toward the tire.
  8. I knew it was too much negative adjustment with the camber bolts. I had two per strut. I removed lower one and readjusted upper.
  9. That sounds like what I just went through. I had like 1.5-2* negative camber. Both insides of front tires wore down extremely fast in 3k miles and i got feathering. I’m about .1 negative right now and will probably go to .2 positive to even out the tire wear. Sent from my Pathfinder
  10. It's okay Pathydude, you can shamelessly promote your youtube channel for this one!
  11. That would work too. I have this one: Sent from my Pathfinder
  12. A 90* drill adapter is what I used. It was super easy with a step bit. I made my own sleeves 43mm long. I used larger washers to keep the shock centered. Sent from my Pathfinder
  13. What did you do for upper mount? Sent from my Pathfinder
  14. That post was from May 2016. You may not get a response Sent from my Pathfinder
  15. Damn, so was the bearing seized? Do you have any more photos? Sent from my Pathfinder
  16. You could try replacing all fluids Sent from my Pathfinder
  17. Welcome. The Facebook group and this site have no relation. We try to keep them separate as there is a lot of misinformation on Facebook. Sent from my Pathfinder
  18. Hopefully not gear oil! Sent from my Pathfinder
  19. No tengo Instagram. Puedes subir unas fotos aquí? Sent from my Pathfinder
  20. Maxlife works fine. Same fluid for transfer case Sent from my Pathfinder
  21. What type of slides are those? Sent from my Pathfinder
  22. I’ve run a few wires up there. It’s definitely not fun. I have the curtain airbags so it was a bit more work. The trickiest part is trying to get the wires to go straight to the console. They usually end up in a space between the roof and “sub roof “. A lot of sharp edges up there too. Sent from my Pathfinder
  23. Looking good. The drawers are very spacious. Are they done? I see you didn’t use any slides. Nice job on the rack. It’s definitely much bigger than mine. Do you have a pic of how you routed the wiring for the lights? Sent from my Pathfinder

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