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  1. It should be included in the kit you purchased. The OE mount has the spacer integrated, but the kyb doesn't so it is necessary for your '02. I believe early model r50s had different struts and the spacer wasn't needed as the shaft was tapered almost to the threads.
  2. Very clean ride. #R50OBSEEEEEESED
  3. Disregard. I found it. This forum is not helpful at all.
  4. Hey guys looking for some bullshiiiiiet around here
  5. I’ve bought a couple of things from Fleury and he makes good quality stuff. His missing link is robust.
  6. Truthfully, 90-95% of Pathfinder owners are not the target market. That’s the reason why there isn’t a market for stuff like this. Most Pathfinder/Nissan owners would own a Toyota or Jeep if they could afford it. Very few people are actual Nissan fans and simply buy because they’re cheap or couldn’t find something else. Buying roof rack that is 1/4 of the value of a car may not even be a smart decision in the long run. Still, I’m sure the amount of work OP has put in was exhaustive.
  7. You're not wrong, it is a lot of money, but this isn't an amazon Curt rack. OP spent a lot of time for R&D. It's a nice rack for a market that doesn't exist for the R50. I know you were not trying to be a jerk but consider the work that goes into something like this before commenting... or at least ask why the cost. Do you also make these tents?
  8. I use a kuat pivot v2 swing arm. Since you have the steel version you could weld a receiver on it to accept your bike rack. The rack is plenty strong to hold the weight. That would eliminate the need for any additional accessories .
  9. That size shows 30.9" diameter, which is essentially a 31". From previous posts, that size will not fit without making contact with phb. I'd recommend any of the 30.6".
  10. Very cool. These are obviously 4 pot brakes, but will they actually make a difference? Personally, I feel like the stock calipers aren't powerful enough. Having another option would be awesome!
  11. I did this job a few months ago. It sucks badly. Getting everything reconnected is the most difficult part. Sent from my Pathfinder
  12. Damn, I was off. I think i paid like 5-6k for mine end of 2017 so prices are steady? Although, mine is a fully loaded le for 03 so could be a pandemic increase like you mentioned. Sent from my Pathfinder
  13. I think what you are seeing is the nice PNW moss on the roof Sent from my Pathfinder
  14. Very clean car but I don't think the selling price will go very high. I'll guess $4350 max. One thing about older low-mileage cars is even though the mileage is low, the gaskets, seals, bushings still break down. So RMS on something like this could be in the near future.
  15. I missed this one. I’m back to civilization now. Might make another trip up there during summer and I’ll definitely look at Wire Pass. Thanks for the recommendation. Sent from my Pathfinder
  16. I missed this one. I’m back to civilization now. Might make another trip up there during summer and I’ll definitely look at Wire Pass. Thanks for the recommendation. Sent from my Pathfinder
  17. I can’t find one at the moment. Will have to get back to you. They’re completely custom for my roof rack. The mouthing points match up perfectly to the rack. Sent from my Pathfinder
  18. But what about American 4Runner Coke vs Mexican Pathfinder Pepsi?
  19. I don’t know what crap that was but I hope to never see one of videos again. He thought he was being funny and witty but actually contributed nothing to the vehicle’s specs, performance, or heritage. A worthless “review”. I do, however, agree that the r50 is rather boring but only to those that don’t understand utility and capability of this vehicle. Don’t even get me starting on his voice... Sent from my Pathfinder
  20. That will be fine Sent from my Pathfinder
  21. Been doing some camping in Southern Utah. Sent from my Pathfinder
  22. Stopped by hawairish’s place today to make some custom rotopax mounting plates. As always, they turned out perfect. A big thanks to him. Sent from my Pathfinder

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