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  1. I don’t think there is a preferred brand. Any ball joint will be fine.
  2. You can easily do the job with the 2-piece compressors.
  3. Kyb struts with kyb top hat and bearings are perfect. Moog spring are also good and you will not experience any issues with topping out.
  4. Very nice write up and investigating. It's refreshing to see a post from a Pathfinder enthusiast. These lift questions from users that can't afford a 4runner are getting old.
  5. Probably these: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981165-pathfinder-front-lift-coils.html
  6. Hey guys, I am putting together a group buy for the Falcon bumper bar for the R50. Then order will be delivered to Southern California or Western Arizona. This bumper is not sold in the US and will be shipped directly from the manufacturer in Thailand. We already have 2 serious buyers and are looking to get a total of 5 buyers. Other bumpers are also available (see link). Price for bumpers is around $1120-30 USD. Shipping and duty will be extra (dependent on total buyers). Manufacturing time is around 4 weeks with 6-8 week delivery time. https://www.mcc4x4.co.nz/part-finder/nissan/pathfinder-r50/
  7. I’m pretty sure your struts are factory length for pre-facelift r50s (Someone correct me if wrong). They are the same length as the OME struts which are only 0.75” (19mm) longer than facelift r50s. Your struts do not have a 35mm extension. They would bind without a spacer if they were 35mm longer. You are misinformed. So going back to my original suggestion, the axles will work with a one in spacer.
  8. The struts you have seem to be factory length for 96-99 according to their catalog, so those axles should work with one inch spacers.
  9. What’s the extended shaft length?
  10. Do you have stiffer springs or extended struts also?
  11. One inch sfd isn’t worth it. Just get the extended cv axles. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/trakmotive,NI8185XTT,cv+axle,2288
  12. It should be included in the kit you purchased. The OE mount has the spacer integrated, but the kyb doesn't so it is necessary for your '02. I believe early model r50s had different struts and the spacer wasn't needed as the shaft was tapered almost to the threads.

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