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  1. I'm pretty sure it had resonators. I just replaced my resonators with walker units. Amazon will ship to california since they are not emission items. The previous owner had the driver side resonator replaced with a cat for some reason.
  2. try posting this in the wanted section.
  3. those should be fine. amazon has some but not all
  4. Eh, the mine have terrible wear from negative camber. I drove them about 3500 miles and they wore severely. I’ll probably look at another tire when it comes time. Sent from my Pathfinder
  5. You definitely went with a solid tire. The wildpeak at3w I have are missing chunks of tread at about half life. I guess AZ is hard on tires.
  6. check for tiny nissan logo on boots
  7. I'm looking for a GREAT TO EXCELLENT condition seat bottom for the 60-side rear seat. It must be black perforated leather. I WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR!
  8. Are you referring to the cabin air filters? My LE came with them but I replaced them shortly after getting the vehicle. I cleaned the box with a skinny vacuum adapter. It wasn't perfect but got some stuff
  9. I hoping to get a few days this summer at the local park here in Southern California. When I say local, I mean 3hrs away!
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