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  1. Bro, you're holding out on me! Lol.
    Cool thread to start. I'll see if I can grab a few pics of recent trips I've made and share them.
    We have got to get together finally. I have a couple of kayaks if you're interested in hitting some lakes or the river around here sometime.
    Cedar creek reservoir here in town is pretty nice. Only fished it once though.
    Just starting to bass fish more myself. Usually target saltwater when back home or trout up in the mountains.
    Your PB is much bigger than mine when it comes to bass, and you just started fishing?!?!?
    Awesome stories too.
    Don’t hate on those crappie.....I hear they are some of the best tasting fish out there!
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    We definitely do need to get together man. That pond is my friend’s privilege and I just get to go along. I’m trying to get my father-in-law out there and I expect that sooner or later I’ll also have somewhat of the privilege to come out there myself. If I ever get to meet the owner I plan to try and establish my own relationship with her. I’m gonna send her a Christmas card with all my kid’s catches. Hahaha! As soon as it is possible me and you will go!

    Dude those peacock bass look insane!! I saw a guy on YouTube catch a freaking 18lb’r in Columbia or something. I just got a saltwater rated spinning reel for when I go to the beach. I’ll actually be excited to go on vacation now! Haha

    I’ve been to Cedar Creek like 3 times and haven’t caught a single fish.. with your kayaks though I bet we could actually catch some!

    Dude I’m down whenever you want to go!!
  2. I am starting this thread for everyone to have a place to share their fishing pictures. I’ve just started fishing this year and I have fallen in love with it.


    My best friend drinks lots and lots of wine and so has built a strong relationship with the owner of the winery he shops at, Rose. Rose has a big pond on a farm that is slap full of large mouth bass! It’s a super awesome fishing spot.


    Rose’s Pond:




    These are our first fish caught at Rose’s pond:






    Some more pics from Rose’s Pond:







    This one is my current pb (personal best). I was fishing a ned rig and on my second cast I got a bite. It felt normal, maybe a little weak/small, I thought it was a gonna be a small one and that I might be slightly embarrassed to hold it up. So I’m reeling it in, again it feels weakish and easy to reel in, when all the sudden it began swimming away from me and nearly tore the pole from my hands. I regained control of the pole and the cheap Shakespeare I was using was nearly bent all the way into an arc. My heart is pounding and I’m in total reaction mode trying to reel in as this thing is dragging line out of the cheap reel in my hands. Then it stops fighting and I see his large body barrel roll at the surface of the water. My friends who are with me both run over to where I am yelling and cheering! They saw my pole bend in half and know there’s a big fish on there! I got him to the bank and flung him behind me before he could break the cheap line on my reel. There he was, a chunky stud of a bass. I picked him up and had to use my whole hand, not just my thumb, in his mouth not to drop him. His mouth was so big that I could fit both my hands on his bottom lip!!! It was crazy! My friends who are much more experienced than me said he weighted at least 5lbs and may have even weighed as much as 6-6.5lbs or more. I was beside myself, really, for hours afterward. The feeling of catching that thing is alive in me now and has caused me to fall in love with fishing. Here he is:







    This one is out of a tiny pond I found on Google Earth:



    Me and my smallest boy Owen fished this pond for 30min without even the slightest nibble and I had let my line set right in front of me while I told Owen that it was time to go, “there’s no fish in here boy... just turtles” and BAM!!! A big ole bite! I lost the first bite and quickly landed the second one! They were right at my feet! You can’t see it well but it was a 2.5# largemouth bass!




    We have a small retention pond at work and I got a wild hair one evening and whatdoyaknow! Fish!! A fair sized, and fairly rare in Georgia, white crappie. Kind of an ugly fish IMO.



    These pics are from today, Labor Day. There’s a big waterfall in a neighborhood near my in-laws and above the waterfall is a fairly big dam:



    I fished lure after lure for an hour trying to figure out what these bass might want.. finally I put a chatter bait on with a big swim bait trailer and BAM! Got one!!! I felt a genuine sense of thankfulness for the little guy.



    Below the dam was a small concrete area where the water spills into. I cast into it with the chatter bait and instantly had the swim tail bitten off! After a few casts I pulled out some beautiful redbreast sunfish:



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  3. Did you change your lightbulbs in the cluster because in mine there White but so is the cluster so it’s hard to see the gages

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    The camera makes them look blue but they are actually more white to the eye than blue. I replaced all the bulbs with LEDs.
  4. We are wearing our COVID collection devices here in Georgia. Unfortunately 99.999% of those who wear masks don’t understand the diligence required to make them effective or the danger they pose as dedicated disease spreading devices (like cellphones).

    Luckily if we hide in our homes and behind our masks for long enough the virus will pack it’s bags and head back to China.

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  5. 10 hours ago, Kazza said:


    Looked into those OME springs and they are very pricey here in Canada. Also looked at LR springs and potentially cutting them to give a 1.5" (ish) lift.. but postage to Canada from LR direct is really high too. I'm a bit disappointed that new OEM spec springs cant handle two rear passengers with nothing in the trunk

    Might just be the cheap butt moogs. I installed new moog springs on all corners and mine sags as bad as it did before I installed them..

  6. I don’t think I’ve measured temps since installing the external cooler but I’d say my external cooler is only a little lower in temp than when I’ve felt my radiator at 185degF but is still hot to the touch after highway driving, and that’s with gobs of 70mph airflow. If I had to guess I’d say 150-160degF area.

    I always forget to grab the temp gun before I hit the trails so

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  7. Near zero air flow when the fan isn’t running, and for my particular setup, only low fan speed unless the coolant temp is over 215.


    It could be a non issue, I’ve never measured temps or anything. It’s just something I end up finagling with when off-roading because I worry about the trans getting too hot.


    The internal radiator cooler causes trans temps to follow engine temps. When all you have is an external cooler then the engine temp could be normal while the trans is literally cooking itself. Again, this might never ever happen but for all I know while I’m off-roading, it’s occurring right then and there, so I end up worrying about it.

  8. I have a big external cooler but I bypassed the internal radiator completely. Now the trans can heat up independently from the engine instead of sharing their heat loads, which is actually a good thing except in extreme cold and off-road situations.

    I should’ve left the internal cooler in the circuit before the external cooler. I might valve the internal cooler back in and just have it where I can take it back out for normal summer daily driving.

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  9. I bring my fan clutch with me on long/tough trails and I really need a kill switch and a forced high speed switch for my efan. Right now at water crossings I end up running the ac before I get to the crossing so the engine temp is low enough that when I cut the ac off my efan cuts off as well. It’s annoying..

    Then there’s 4wheeling transmission temps to worry about. I suspect that the trans gets hotter than normal with the efan since there are often periods of near zero air flow.. again I combat this by leaving the ac on or cycling the ac when I think about the trans getting to hot, which isn’t fun to worry about when your trying to have a good time.

    I have to agree that the mechanical fan is a lot better off road in several regards. However, I don’t know if it was a worn out fan clutch or what but I have better control over engine temps with the efan.

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