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  1. Very slow progress on the bumper. Got the brackets test fit, going to need to slot the holes a bit.


    It is hard to get anywhere when you only have about an hour a night to work on it. Seems like most of that time is set up and tear down each night. Using the shop at work so can't leave it out during the day.

    Are you making one from scratch?



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  2. I got my coolant temp sensor out without removing all the timing stuff fyi. I slid a socket onto it first, then used a large flat head screwdriver instead of an extension, because the extension won't fit through the space and connect to the socket. But you can get a flathead in there at an angle and with some vice grips on the screw driver you can break the sensor loose.



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  3. Put the key to ON, flip the switch on the ecu, when it flashes 3 times flip yer switch back to its original position, count the flashes. It'll do red and green flashes for each number. I don't recall if it flashes red or green first, it for example: 5 red flashes then 1 green flash would be 51, then it'll pause and either do the next trouble code or just repeat the same one over and over.



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  4. I literally just had this issue or very similar last week

    Check what code it's throwing. My guess is 51 fuel injection circuit

    You can find out which injector is bad if that's the case, they usually go bad one at a time not all at once.

    First I would check the resistance of the injectors because it's easiest, you can do it from the injector harness connector. They shouldn't be below like 1.4 or 1.3 ohms, if one is much lower than that it's bad. The spec for them is 1.5 but sometimes they're a little lower and still okay.


    Another test if that leads nowhere:

    Unplug the injector harness, disconnect just one of the injector leads and try to start, if it still wants to die immediately, plug it back in and unplug the other injector the same way. If it runs and idles nice with one unplugged, that's the bad one.



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  5. My frustration always came when I was in a few feet of water, I've never been stuck in sand but a ton of people around me have. It's funny to see mall crawlers and pavement princesses try and follow a stock pathfinder through very simple stuff lol

    That's funny. The only two times I've been stuck were in very dry rutted out river sand. Both times I didn't air down and I think most of it was operator error and being too paranoid because I was the only vehicle. I haven't hit any sand yet with my new 31x12.5 tires and I think that will make it a little easier next time.



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  6. My big thing was when trying to rock myself out of a rut or hole. Constantly locking and unlocking got old real fast

    Last time I went wheeling I got stuck in some coarse sand and was doing this pretty hard and almost got out, makes me wonder if that's why I couldn't do it, i felt like I was so close to getting unstuck.



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  7. That sounds like here where I am. There's an 89 harbody and that was the last one I found. Luckily the manual lockers were on it still, I really wanted a spare TBI set up just in case

    Dang that's the one thing I forgot to check for. I found a set on CL 120 miles from me for $40. Even with gas I think it would be worth the drive.



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  8. Well if you ever look for more used ones just remember that the throttle body on the v6 and the 4cyl engines are the same. But hopefully your new injector fixes your issues. When mine gives me problems it's MPFI time.

    Yeah i noticed that they looked similar. I checked all 86-89 pathys and hardbodies. Every single throttle body was gone, I looked at like 10 vehicles.



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  9. I used to as well. When I started out with this company I had to do all the onsite service. Now we have new lower level people to do that, hehe.


    The amount I got paid in mileage was still more than the pathy used in gas...

    Haha me too! I'll get anywhere between $10-$20 on a 3 hour shift of maybe driving 25 miles max just for my gas.



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  10. It's basically just a large hole where the throttle body sits and then the fuel is pulled to the cylinder that has caused a vacuum on its short runner.


    The TBI system is sorta smart but pretty dumb at the same time. At idle and "normal" driving only one injector is operating. Under WOT or heavy load the second injector kicks on and they both deliver fuel.


    Which injector that is really depends on if they've ever been replaced before due to the 50/50 wiring. My 87 you can see fuel spraying out into the throat and hitting the throttle plate, with a bright enough light and blipping the throttle I can see much more fuel being delivered.


    Have you tried removing and switching the injectors to see if one is indeed bad or if there's a build up on the tip? Mine were pretty bad when I did my throttle body rebuild.

    Yeah I did the injector switch and discovered my injector is bad. The last two days I've been driving with the bad injector partially disconnected. When I bought it it had one bad injector and I replaced it. Now 8 months later the other old one finally went bad.

    The coil went bad in the first one but I'm not sure why the second isn't working. After many trips to salvage yards I ended up buying new with the warranty. It should arrive at the parts store today, I wish they weren't so damn expensive. I'm gonna have my two bad ones rebuilt and kept in the tool box for the future because I feel like it will happen again someday.



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  11. Filter should have caught anything and clogged before it got to the injectors.

    Yeah I think I was wrong. I had the injector cap off when I primed it causing a major dump of fuel into the tb, enough to hydrolock the engine. I'm waiting on borrowing an air compressor so I can get the dirt out of my plug valleys to get the gas out if it doesn't all drain into the oil. The injectors tested good with a meter.



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  12. So I guess the real question is: How much does Jimmy John's pay you to drive ur baby into the ground?

    I only have 6 months of school left and I'll have my bachelors in automotive engineering, this is only a temporary thing till I graduate. I wouldn't put her through this for too long especially with these Arizona summers.



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  13. So I guess the real question is: How much does Jimmy John's pay you to drive ur baby into the ground?

    $20 an hour on average sometimes a lot more! People either hate or love jimmy johns, and the ones that love it tip pretty well. And they pay me for gas x2 for the miles I rack up. She's only got 140,000 mi, honestly I put more miles on it commuting to school every day, around 100.



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  14. I doubt it's a fuel delivery issue, at least not one caused by the gas cap. If it was, it wouldn't have waited 105 miles to cause problems. I don't know the TBI very well but I'd be checking sensor connections and vac lines.

    I went down a 6 mile dirt road with no cap and think I clogged an injector. It feels like only one bank gets compression with how violently it's shaking, and eventually goes into limp mode and runs fine(assuming it's shutting off the clogged one).



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  15. More specifically;

    How does the fuel flow to each cylinder under normal conditions?


    If one injector is clogged, will the good injector deliver any fuel to the opposite bank without adjustments from the computer ie: limp mode?


    I've read and experienced first hand that one injector can deliver enough fuel for both banks if one goes bad and the computer sees it. I'm curious how it compensates the flow of fuel through the manifold for one injector operation.


    I believe I have a clogged injector, and before the computer realizes this and goes into limp, only one bank is getting combustion causing a very low and violent idle and almost non existent throttle response. Once it triggers limp the engine operates flawlessly but with the governed engine speed.






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  16. Long story short I was parked for a weekend of light rain without a gas cap in place. I think rain water got into my half full tank. She ran fine for about 20 miles but upon next start up it idled at like 150rpm. Doesn't die just idles super low and the exhaust sounds like a muscle car with crap acceleration. After revving it for a bit or driving it will eventually activate the fuel limp mode and run fine, idle normally just cut fuel at 2850 or whatever it is.

    I've had issues with limp mode before when I had a bad injector, but it was always in limp mode every start up because the coil went bad in the injector. With this new injector problem it tries to run both without realizing it's bad for a while. I filled the tank back up and threw some heet with injector cleaner in it.

    What should I do about this injector? I'm about to pull out the stethoscope to see which injector is not firing correctly, hopefully it's one I replaced last year so I can use the warranty. I could live with it for a while if it stayed in limp mode but sometimes it takes a while to activate and the truck is useless until it does.



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  17. Went camping, accidentally left the gas cap for my 1989 on the roof, lost it. On the drive up to the mountains it ran fine, it was around midnight and we drove 80 miles with no issues without the cap. Driving home just now in 100 degree weather made it maybe 25 miles, stopped at Taco Bell to eat, now she won't run after a short heat soak. If I pump the throttle I can keep the rough idle up, otherwise it drops to 200 or so rpm but doesn't really stall completely out.


    I was thinking maybe the hot weather is making the gas expand in the tank too much somehow causing fuel delivery problems. I'm currently hitchhiking 15mi to the parts store to pick up a gas cap. If this doesn't fix the issue, any other ideas?? I have my tools with me.



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  18. I'm thinking hard about what to do _with_ the Pathfinder now that the frame is broken... again.... for the third time. I don't have a garage, shop or parking spot and the family doesn't want to look at it on the lawn at the cottage. Michèle, my wife, thinks I should drive either the $1000 CR-V or the 7 year old Chevrolet instead of buying a 2007 XTERRA.


    Ideas? Suggestions? I would like to keep the Pathfinder but there is so much wrong that I can't even mustard the energy to start fixing everything.


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    My parents have an 07 off road edition xterra and it's a good vehicle. Only issues they had with it was the windows stopped working from the switches going bad, and the timing chain guides are starting to make a whole lotta noise on startup getting close to 200,000 miles.



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