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  1. Can I get a site admin or moderator to contact me to work on editing rights for a thread? Just spent 20 mins typing a full edit and when I went to post, it said "YOU DONT HAVE PERMISSION" and dumped the entire post.

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    2. RedPath88


      The server move is stalled due to time restrictions (in my personal life.) But either way, a server change will not alter the edit timeframe, that is restricted due to serious abuse in the past. :(

    3. OH6PILOT


      RedPath...PM Sent

    4. RedPath88


      Thanks, I'll get back to you on that. Did you also want a post edited?

  2. JY Scavenger Trip NOTICE!! This coming Thursday, Friday and Possibly Saturday I'll be scavenging 3 JY's in the Fresno, Madera and Merced, CA area for Pathfinder parts. Last week I came across 3 pathfinders that had ALOT of parts left on them, so let me know if you're needing any parts.

  3. Need an Admin to help me edit a thread...please PM me!!

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