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  1. Hey bro hope all is well and just wanted to say thanks for all that you do for us here on NPORA

  2. Got me some factory HID's for my 96 Pathy on the way.. Having installed some on my 97 Quey these will be different for I wont be going in blind on how the wiring needs to be done the right way.

    50288846_2923060884386373_2630253945053773824_o (1).jpg

  3. In LOVE with my R50's!

  4. Proud father of a healthy baby girl. Layla Marie Cox 12-2-16

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    2. RedPath88
    3. Mrelcocko
    4. Jester93


      Congradulation Dad! That's what happens....you can poke fun at them till they take you serious.

  • Guy's can you swap a Pathy steering with the same year maxima?

    1. CO_pathfinder


      Nope - the steering box on the Pathfinder has different ratios and has its mounts on the opposite corners iirc

  • Found a 98 Pathy in a junk yard. Now i'm the proud owner of a radio/climate control bezzel with the woodgrain finish. You gotta love junk yards!

  • Tailight swap complete. 2001's in to my 98. Easy swap just make sure and get the right wiring harness's..

  • can you post pics from your profile?

  • Installed me fog lights!

  • Got a great deal on these QX4 wheels. I think they look good. What about you guy's?

  • Got me some LED front blinker lights to go with my front marker lights. Can't wait to get them up and running!

    1. ferrariowner123


      dont forget the resistors!!

    2. Mrelcocko


      Yep.They turned out great. Got my tail lights along with my gauge cluster LED's. The gauge cluster takes a t5 bulb, I ordered mine off ebay and i got 10 led bulbs and 10 sockets for 11$. Real easy to install. Had them in for 2 1/2 months and still burning bright.

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