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  1. 34 minutes ago, 01Pathmaker said:

    Welcome back to the dark side!  I hate how clean and rust-free stuff stays in the southern/central states!  A while back I picked up a seemingly clean 99 Burb that I was planning to replace the R50 with, but that didn't end well.  Long story short, it wasn't as clean as it looked, in fact it probably took the previous owner about 4 gallons of bondo to make it look as good as it presented, plus it was plagued with electrical gremlins and the engine coolant would frequently disappear (most likely needed head gaskets).  Basically, I was the sucker for that one!  That was my last straw for GM, unless it's pre-1988 or I come across a clean squarebody Burb.  I'm currently revamping my R50's suspension again (close to 200k, snapped an OME front coil) and trying to put the brakes on some structural rust that's been popping up.  Wish you well on your search, I'm sure you'll find plenty of the same info on here, as well as some pretty cool (fairly recent) rear spring availability (namely using Land Rover springs!).  Enjoy the hunt and welcome back!


    Thank you! I figured on this one, ive been luckier than un...just over 240,100 miles and haven't really had anything major aside from an intake gasket. I was 10000000% floored at the condition of the internals I could see though when I did it, could practically eat out of the intake valley it was so clean...come to find out, originally the truck was a fleet vehicle for an engineering company in WV and the only major component that was replaced was the transfer case.  Aside from rusted rockers and wheel arches in spots, I can't believe the condition shes in.wgUWw3o.jpg

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  2. Welp, the time has come, and as with anything that leaves a mark in life, I have returned...lol


    Been building up a couple toys for different purposes, but it always comes back to here...Been tossing around the idea of trying to work out a deal on another Pathy, whether I find one that would be purchased outright, or one that would be traded for.  Currently the idea behind this has been my  92 K1500 Suburban build for overlanding.  It's not the most nimble of vehicles and is too big for some of the trails my buddy and I were thinking about traveling on trips out west.  All that being said, I don't know if getting rid of the Suburban would be the best since I have put a LOT of work into it...BUT on the other hand, when we load the rigs up, it would be easier to load a Pathy with the 4 Runner he's going to be building than it would to put the Burb and Runner on the same trailer, though my F350 would pull em both just fine on a good gooseneck...I guess once the rest of the Burb's lift is on and the F350 is back on the road, the decision may be a bit easier since I won't be driving it every day, but idk, I know that coming back here will get me re-reading old posts and seeing other's adventures in their Pathys and may sway my decision, but who knows, maybe someone on here is looking for a bigger family hauler lol.  Here's some pics of the truck and the summer toy for y'all's viewing pleasure!



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