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  1. Kids and exhaust pipes, they are fascinated by them. I remember getting in trouble from my dad when I was little, I got the hose stuck it up and watered his exhaust pipe for him lol
  2. I don't think it is possible unless you cut the whole front end of the engine bay off. The trans fits into that tunnel underneath, how is that gonna slide forward with enough room to clear the tunnel with the engine in front of it? Even if you tried to angle the engine upward, I highly doubt you'd get enough clearance to slide the trans out of the tunnel.
  3. There is a video walkthrough by trulymeparker on youtube titled Led dashboard upgrade Terrano. Although the end result of illumination wasn't good in the video, at least you can see how it comes apart. After doing some research, I found the square dash design for the Terrano is actually the same as a D21, or early Frontier model. It's not the same as the curved dash design that has oval gauges. The number of globes you'll need are 6 x T10 which is four for the actual gauges, two for the indicators. T5 globes fit the smaller warning lights like the clock and there was one at the '0' mark on the tacho. I think I used a total of 17 T5s. I had to bend the pins inwards on the bulb holders to make the bulbs fit because they kept wanting to slide out. Pretty easy to bend the pins in with a small knife edge and being careful.
  4. Yeah I get the same problem, the issue is the plastic sheet that is supposed to be glued down around the edges of the door has come off. Get some black contact and stick it over the inside of the door vent so then if you want to remove it you can peel it off.
  5. Been experiencing some weird smells coming through the vents so did a clean out of the blower, found a pine twig and a crumpled leaf in it. Cleaned all the fins on squirrel cage with hand soap and an old toothbrush. Vacuumed the evap box through the resistor hole. There was a hair inside, don't know how that got in there, poked around with the end of a cable tie to loosen it because the vacuum wasn't getting it but eventually managed to get it out. Sprayed some air freshener in the evap box and also in the hole where the blower fits. Bolted everything back up now I have fresh smelling air again.
  6. The rear defog seems to be a separate issue, I doubt that the two are linked. Did you check the metal tab on the side of the rear window is intact and connected? Sometimes they can get snapped off when carting large items. As for the blower, maybe water got in there and damaged it. Best to unbolt it and check. Three 8mm screws hold it in. Unplug the connector first then unscrew. There's a small hose on the side that will come off the plastic pipe to the evap box. There's two plastic pins holding the hinges at the lower edges of the glove box. You'll feel a small lever on each one. Push them outwards (to the outer edges of the glove box) sometimes they can be a pain to remove just push them with a pen until they pop. With the glove box removed you'll have a lot more room in there to work. Remove a steel plate behind the glove box (it looks like a curved metal plate like from a WWII ammo box) then you can unscrew the two screws to the resistor on the front of the evap box. Check in the hole for leaves, twigs etc. Vacuum it out. With the blower fan, you can clean the squirrel cage thing by unscrewing it from the blower housing, wash the squirrel cage with warm water, hand siao and scrub the fins on it with an old toothbrush. Dry it all well and screw it back onto the blower housing. Check the connector with a multimeter with the ignition ON. There should be at least 12 volts otherwise it's definitely a blown fuse. It's a 20 amp yellow fuse IIR.
  7. Looks like Stuart Little has had a go at that. I'd also check for a nest in the evap box. Pretty easy check to get in there.
  8. Dexron III (Castrol) is a generic brand that doesn't specify which vehicle it's designed for. Although it works, I feel the trans doesn't shift as nicely as Castrol Multivehicle because Multivehicle is specifically designed for 'Asian Vehicles' and because Terrano is Japanese built and the trans is Jatco it's built in Japan too. Multivehicle fluid is a darker red too while the generic brand is more a strawberry color so I believe the darker red has a better viscosity based on it's color being 'thicker'. As for the air temp question, both generic Dexron III and multivehicle both heat up at about the same temperatures, the trans should take 4-5 mins from a cold start, to warm up to 82 Celsius (179 F) about the same temp as the thermostat opens to allow coolant flow, at that stage, overdrive lock up can then occur. During the warm up stage, only 3rd gear is available which is a pain sometimes but it does this to warm up the trans faster. In summer temps, this warm up takes less time. I would say anything over 75 F it's a lot quicker than say if the outside temp was 60 F.
  9. Cuong, the shop that originally did the motor mounts they should have some kind of warranty for that work they did. It is a safety issue that needs to be addressed and I would be telling them this that it is a safety issue. Do they have a proper design safety standard in place for this work they did? I would be taking photos and showing them it's not right, it's a safety issue and needs rectifying.
  10. You remove the light by first removing the two screws then reaching under, pull it towards you. Just watch out for spiders behind that area it's a nice hidey spot. The lens has a couple of slots where you can put a flat screwdriver in and turn, then it comes apart. As for the wiring at the back of the housing, just undo the wiring if PO hasn't already crimp connected it. I had to cut my wiring and installed male/female connectors.
  11. Has anyone had any experience recoloring carpets with the spray can stuff? I want to redo my original floor mats to breathe new life into em. I don't want to buy new ones because they don't have anything oem, unless you want floor mats with some cheesy one liner written on it which looks ridiculous. I would like to read your opinion on the results you had by respraying carpets with dye spray, maybe even pics too would be great.
  12. Once picked up a guy and girl walking in the middle of nowhere at 1 am. They were heading same direction as I was so gave them a lift. Got some good action looking in the rear view mirror, tongue kissing etc. They didn't care that I got full view of them. Another time, I was out about 2 am and this guy waved me down, so I thought what the heck, I'm bored. I thought he looked a bit shifty so ensured I showed him my hunting knife I kept hidden next to the seat. So he was aware of no funny business. Dropped him off further up the highway as I got to my turn off then he says, can you keep going further? I say, how much further? Sydney, he says. This guy isn't going to budge and I started getting annoyed. Buddy, that's over 2,500 kms away! Gtfo of my car and then he ran. Another time, I just came out of the local shop and this girl out of nowhere walks up and asks is that your car, I say yes so straight up she says give me a lift to 'town' 10 kms away. I say yeah no problem. It just amazed me, here's this 16 year old girl in my car and I was about 19 at the time and she had no idea who I was. I could have been an axe murderer for all she knew. Anyway, I gave her a lift to where she needed to go and we talked about random stuff. Dropped her off and didn't get a kiss or anything. I felt stupid afterwards, didn't even get a phone number lol.
  13. This from my post earlier, showing the leds I installed. The red thing is a digital voltmeter. Also went for a nice drive to a lookout point.
  14. If the headlights work but your dash lights aren't then it's definitely the fusible link and one of those wires is burnt. Check battery terminals are clean and tight and check distilled water level in battery. Clean all ground wires are clean and making metal to metal contact. There's 3 to check, one on the inner fender between the battery and engine, one on the side of the engine and one at the rear of engine IIR. Check volts at battery, you should have 12.4-12.6 with everything off at rest. Check with the engine running after you push start it. If it's anything below 13 volts then your alternator is on the way out and will need a rebuild or buy a new one. I'd rather just get new because a rebuild will cost about the same. Could also be starter. Another test you can try is a voltage drop test. Touch multimeter red wire to positive on battery and black wire from multimeter to the alternator case making metal to metal contact. The voltage should be the same as if you were testing at the battery.

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