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  1. straight pipe exhaust right through the damn hood! YAAAhhhh!!!

    1. CO_pathfinder


      this is some hoodrat stuff.... i approve

    2. Slartibartfast


      Make sure you've got an old beans can to put over the end when you park in the rain.

  2. why am I not smart enough to fix elecritical things?

  3. Wow... stable idle and vacuum readings... that's soooo weird!! Now for the Tension Rodz...

  4. I still can't figure out why people look at me funny when I drive down the road with mud on the truck.

    1. gv280z


      it makes me feel self conscious, and people are like "So you're the one leaving mud tracks everywhere!"

    2. adamzan


      I've been pulled over for it. I forgot we aren't allowed to have fun here anymore...

    3. silverton


      Whenever I get done wheelin, I make sure my windows, mirrors, lights, and license plate are clean. The rest of it can stay!

  5. just thinking about how much work is invloved in pulling an inner cv..

    1. Nefarious


      only takes a couple hours to swap out the cv, not a big deal if you go right at it


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