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  1. I miss my Pathfinder.... not the 16mpg.... but I have officially requested an authorization to replace the frame with a custom build, cross your fingers for a thumbs up!!

    1. SpecialWarr


      And that's a big NO to the fabricated frame from the government. damnit.

  2. Just saw your YouTube vid.... nice!!

  3. Hey look at that... I just tipped over the 1000 posts benchmark! YAY!!!

  4. Ahhh.... I'd forgotten how much fun it was to just have the kids on my lap and driving around the lawn in the Pathfinder.

  5. Audi A3 3.2L v6.... yea or nay?? I've hears that they are a bit demanding in terms of maintenance... Opinions?

    1. Faulcun


      ALL european cars are expensive to maintain. My rule of thumb is to stay away from euro, and usa domestic cars. I get customers all the time who find a sweet deal on a bmw or mercedes or whatever else, and have a heart attack when the repair bill is written.


      With that being said, if you like it, go for it. Just remember, cars will always decrease in value, but the cost to repair them does not.

    2. SpecialWarr


      Well.... I pulled the trigger on the A6 3.2l... full maintenance records and nothing interesting to see there. So here;s hoping that this car does better than the gen 2 Xterra that I just sold as a major loss!!

  6. Well.... the Xterra is up for sale if anyone (adamzan!) is in "need" of a manual 6sp 2006 with _all_ the receipts! Smokin' deal for you guys!

  7. I have a Pathfinder... it needs help, I need time to help it.

    1. adamzan


      so are you keeping it?

    2. SpecialWarr


      Ahhh... it seems to be getting worse and worse without my attention. I might not be able to keep it as long as I thought. But it's value is close to zero at this point. My dad removed the interior up to the front seats to get firewood into it. My sister is "tired" of looking at it. Maybe it needs a home where it will be appreciated / saved / taken apart and ..  ?? ...spread around to other still running Pathys?

  8. Happy Birthday dude!

  9. Looking for a new career? Anyone want to trade for a bicycle mechanic? No?... didn't think so. *sigh*

  10. I miss my pathfinder....and now my Xterra is eating wheel bearings. *sigh* when does it end?

    1. adamzan


      Pathfinder for life.

  11. oooo.. alternator swap... in the rain.

  12. wondering why it is that I always pick vehicles that are difficult to find parts for..... sigh... 2005 Tomos... parts ordered from the other side of the planet.

  13. Still wonderin' why the rear wiper doesn't work....

    1. Reshma


      It's telling you that you don't need it


    2. RedPath88


      When I first bought my Pathy I had the same problem, tracked it down to a bad connection at the motor.

  14. Oh I do love having rear wheel drive in the parking lot!

    1. kdj


      I agree. Steer left, stab gas,do a 360 and hope to hit a random empty parking spot.

    2. LittleFR


      I work next door to the police station... I was playing a couple years ago and a new cadet almost shot me. The chief was like stand down officer!!! It's just Frank, he's cool.

    3. adamzan


      Would not want to live in a place where they would shoot you for doing that...

  15. I hate it when I find electrical things that don't work during winter.....*sigh*

    1. Pav


      What doesn't want to work?

  16. I believe that my "late-install" "frame reinforcement" is holding well.... i.e.: just spent the weekend welding the frame back together!

    1. LittleFR


      I always jump a local bridge and if it holds I sell it.

    2. mjotrainbrain


      One more Pathfinder being kept on the road, great work!

    3. adamzan


      My 94 has been patched so many times. Like the whole frame front to back is plated. I wheel it without any worry. Probably stronger than it was new.

  17. Oh crap...just to it to the car wash and I now have a passenger with wet toes....

    1. Pav


      Not fun...it came up through the floor?

    2. RIPB.88


      Most Likely a leaking windshield. Spray water on the roof and see where it comes in.

  18. Ball joints and tie-rod sets are up for replacement this week. Looking forward to being done that!

  19. Ball joints and tie-rod sets are up for replacement this week. Looking forward to being done that!

  20. Nothing on how to remove the emergency brake pads in the FSM....typical.

    1. Slartibartfast
    2. adamzan


      Pretty easy, just like miniature drum brakes.

    3. SpecialWarr


      Not to worry, I have none anyway! That means that it's the piston in the caliper that's stuck.... not yay...boo, in fact.

  21. Day-yam I don't like doing electrical work.... worked for 9 hours to find out that the digital multi-meter is the problem...wow.

  22. I got that welding feeling ooohhh that welding feeling...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. adamzan


      Bring your truck here, I'll weld the frame together for ya, lol.

    3. Pav


      I would take Adamzan up on that offer and be done with it.

    4. adamzan


      Send me some pic's of how bad it is.

  23. AND a boogered tie rod... damn... I hate wear.

    1. Pav


      ouch...time waits for no man or truck...

  24. Aww really!?? Ball Joints? I hate doing ball joints.

  25. Can I just say that I hate doing electrical work outdoors at -17C...

    1. adamzan


      Electrical tape is a pain to use when it's this cold, huh? You can come use my garage, if you can make it out here, lol.

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