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  1. Im getting tired of these glass headlights lenses. I had to change a lens and it was very annoying, ended up buying the back half to save time. They shatter and crack too easy. Now i have an idea, i have pried off many off these lenses at my PaP. So what im saying is has anyone done it, Take a glass lens make a mold and make some plastic ones?
  2. Just received my Eagle Scout title. Now im an Eagle, and i got my 31's Wild cat a/t2. Time for some off road action and relaxation.

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    2. nunya


      Scouts rule!

    3. Iceman2989


      Welcome to the Nest!

    4. Alkorahil


      Great job and congrats from one to another!

  3. I was wonder if we have a gallery for our photos? I think it would be nice for others who visit the web site to see our photos or just rigs in general. Maybe put it on the main page in the general topics section
  4. How would the exhaust sound if everything is still stock, if i cut out the old muffler put a cherrybomb glasspack where it used to be and a small resonator behind it?
  5. So after some thinking and some testing, I still havent found anything. I took the rock sliders and brush guard off and that brought it to 3500 rpm's. I took a look at the factory starting size of tire and it say's 215's, i thought stock was 235?
  6. Anyone know how to get Porcupine quills out of a dog, besides pulling them? I really hate seeing my dog in pain, but if i have to ill do it.

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    2. Bubbley11


      yeah, we brought him to a vet. i was worried about his tendons since there were about 100 in his leg only, no face just paws and legs. some quills are fully embedded to the other side but we can't grab them, now to wait.

    3. nunya


      Slartibartfast has the good info and the vet was the right choice there. Let the doc handle your little buddy correctly and in a more controled environment!


    4. Bubbley11


      365 dollars later, he is fine some are working their way out but because of this adventure,

      I will have to wait for my 31's

  7. i believe it should just mount to the same ones with very minor mods if any
  8. I will be getting 31 soon hopefully. It is weird im the second owner, all stock, right tire for it(want to get bigger offroad instead of my highway's), but it still is high to the point im concerned. Maybe i have a special edition
  9. the tire is a 235/75r15 but worn to a little over 28 inch. stock tire is 235/75r15 on the door sticker
  10. Just checked the gearing, the numbers you put up matches the hg43 on my vehicle.
  11. Nope, it was a grocery getter from some old folks before me. They said it was all stock, and i had it at my buds, he used to work at nissan, he didn't know either. i have the vg30e, stock sized 28 inch tires moving to 31's soon. It is a stick, five speed. For gears i shift at 7, 15, 30, 45 mph. Would the manual say anything? ve read through it but saw nothing? ive had it for 6 months and have considered throwing in a new fifth gear to bump it to ~3300 at 70.
  12. I recently heard of some other pathfinder owners, that they rev at 2500-4000 on the freeway going 70mph. Well im at 60 or 70 im any where between 3700-4200. I am wondering if it is normal. The car is a 1990 XE which is still stock.
  13. Im pretty sure the transfer case has the neutral function for towing. Meaning all tries are moving freely, and they are not engaging the drive lines
  14. Im just wondering if any one has attempted this. My brother has a ford ranger with coils in the front and i was thinking if there is a way to do that instead of having t-bars.
  15. Thank you very much, for your guy's help. I have many more questions but they will have to wait. Ill try to keep about .5-1" away from the bumpstop. One last thing, How fast will it progress the wear one the UCA's?
  16. When you say sneak up on it, do you mean slowly turn them to make them equal?
  17. I recently got a 1990 4x4 pathy. I want to get 31" tires atm but wonder if I turn up the t-bars, will i be able to fit them and if i can how rubbing. I don't really want any but if its a little rubbing its fine. Also for the front suspension on offroad websites they have front lifts with coils??? I looked under my car and i didnt see any leafs or springs, only UCA's and the t-bars are what I could pick out, since im fairly new and don't know most parts.
  18. Mine is a Maroon and Gold two tone and it matches my schools colors
  19. Found this site a couple days ago and it has answered many of my questions already. Everyone seems to be insightful and respectable towards other owners.

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