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Status Updates posted by Bubbley11

  1. Decided it was time to gather the rest of my cb set up for the rig. Kicking myself for doing it now because hunting season is coming up fast and now I want new gear, maybe a new bow haven't decided.

  2. Come on. Started it up this morning and I found a big blueish hue cloud behind me. I just stopped you, apparently not.

  3. So who saw me doing the flag ceremony during the Seahawks game?

    1. RedPath88


      Your were there?

    2. Bubbley11


      I was holding the flag lengthwise between blue and white stripe

    3. CO_pathfinder


      Rewatching the game now, looking for you

  4. Man that was one hell of a storm last night. Lost a few trees, hope everyone else in the PNW fared as well.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bubbley11


      We lose power first and never get it back. Sucks I'm so far out of the way, they always seem to forget about my small little community.

    3. ferrariowner123


      Where are you located bubbly?

    4. Bubbley11


      North west of Marysville

  5. Finally get snow to start falling at my place, time to go mess around.

  6. Ordered some manual hubs, can't wait to receive and install.

  7. Off to Canada be back in a week.

    1. nunya


      load up on maple syrup!

    2. Bubbley11


      I'm 19 this year, loading up on more than syrup

  8. Back home, time to do emissions and get back to it.

  9. 2 days and a wake up till im back home. The army life sucks some times. Only just started tho, lets hope all goes well.

  10. So great news guys my rig is still in good condition back home. Got some great family and friends to take care of it. Only 11 more weeks

  11. Well after 2.5 months of basic training, Im done. It wasn't like anything I expected. Now to AIT then back to my Pathy. I miss home, SC is humid, hot and overall flat. No hills for me to try and mess with. See you guys soon just checkin in.

    1. kdj


      If it wasn't for people like you, Canada would have invaded years ago. Just be warned we have a fleet of canoes and cannons at the ready that no training can prepair you for!

    2. Slartibartfast


      He who fires a cannon from a canoe is gonna have a bad time.

    3. devonianwalk


      You must be in Fort Jackson (spl?). I'm not too far from you!

  12. Wahoo military money. Its upgrade time

  13. It's a toasty 54 in the sun. Clear day, sun shine. My perfect weather.

    1. ferrariowner123


      It was really clear around here today, was nice to see the sun again...

    2. adamzan


      It's -25 here...lol.

    3. Karmann


      It was 75 here


  14. Anyone else watch Doctor Who? If you do (what are your thoughts on the new doctor for the few moments we saw him).

    1. Alkorahil


      Too much going on yesterday, I am hopeing to catch it on rerun this weekend.

    2. RedPath88


      Watched it off and on while cooking dinner, don't know. Is the series moving forward or will there be a time gap before the next series? Could cast someone else. I expected to not see who the new doc was, but if they did show him, I actually expected someone younger.

  15. Just put LED festoon bulbs in my dome lights. The light is bright and fills the cabin very well. Yay for less power draw

    1. CNAM


      Nice! I replaced all the interior lights with LED's even the visor vanity lights. Fuse bulbs. SuperBrightLEDS.com has great selection and hard to find sizes and styles.

    2. ahardb0dy


      I just put an LED bulb in my dome light too, very white !


    3. Slartibartfast


      I got a warm white panel for my dome light. Looks just like incandescent except much brighter.

  16. Well I made it into the National Guard. Decided to go with 91M, which is a Bradley Mechanic.

    1. theexbrit


      Good for you man!!

  17. Just rolled into Whistler for about a week. Wish I could of brought my Path, but its a relax trip. Might take one of those off-road tours though.....

    1. Nefarious


      nice. im moving to campbell river soon. going to live right by mount washington :)

  18. Man, exploring the area between FR21 and FR23 is great, to bad I forgot my gopro.

  19. I got the best recorded mileage, from my rig today. All freeway, I got 22. To think of it what is the usual mpg for city and freeway for the vg30e engine? I get 14-16 in city and 19-22 on freeway.

    1. 92Path_68CJ


      22 Highway? On flat ground? How is your rig setup? That sounds like nice highway MPG.

    2. Bubbley11


      It was pretty flat. From Marysville to Rush Road. It is stock except for re-index and 31's. My city is pretty low, I think.

  20. Well, last week my blower motor sounded weird. I took it a part today and it looks like that mouse I thought I got rid of got into my air system. Once fixed I left it on hot and high for 30 min. Now I need more traps. Damn thing ate my Doritos and now my insulation.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bubbley11
    3. Slartibartfast


      LOL well there's your problem. The blower on my Triumph was like that, we thought it was busted until we found most of the passenger's seat stuffed into it.

    4. Bubbley11


      Well i got one with a glue trap after a little over 13 hours. Now to put more down and see if he had any friends

  21. Just received my Eagle Scout title. Now im an Eagle, and i got my 31's Wild cat a/t2. Time for some off road action and relaxation.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. nunya


      Scouts rule!

    3. Iceman2989


      Welcome to the Nest!

    4. Alkorahil


      Great job and congrats from one to another!

  22. Anyone know how to get Porcupine quills out of a dog, besides pulling them? I really hate seeing my dog in pain, but if i have to ill do it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bubbley11


      yeah, we brought him to a vet. i was worried about his tendons since there were about 100 in his leg only, no face just paws and legs. some quills are fully embedded to the other side but we can't grab them, now to wait.

    3. nunya


      Slartibartfast has the good info and the vet was the right choice there. Let the doc handle your little buddy correctly and in a more controled environment!


    4. Bubbley11


      365 dollars later, he is fine some are working their way out but because of this adventure,

      I will have to wait for my 31's

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