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  1. Good question B, The 92 has 233k miles on it, and for the record, I've never been unhappy with the car. All the problems I have had were related lack of maintenance and abuse from family members. I have already posted a classified add, I'll be working on it today. I honestly don't even know what this thing is supposed to be myself (besides an air intake), but my dad and I always called it the factory snorkel, that's what it reminds us of. I'll have pics here after class today.
  2. They definetly aren't hard to fix, but it takes cash I don't have. The rot is bad enough that the metal has begun to take on a flakey layered consistancy. I forget to mention the trans is slipping bad, been rebuilt once, can't afford to rebuild or replace. The state of CA will buy it for more than I can get on the market here, so I'm just gonna sell off some of the parts, and then sell it to the state. This was not an easy choice, I'm sure some of you know what it's like to sell a car you've owned for 20 years, its equally hard when its been there your whole life.
  3. Well gang, I don' think I've ever really introduced myself here, so I guess an intro is in order first. I own a 1992 Pathfinder SE automatic, it was owned by my dad before me, he purchased it new off the dealer lot in 1992. It's been in the family for 20 years. Around 4 or 5 years after he bought it, he sold it to my aunt. The well cared for car was then beat to hell in Utah for years, tackling blizzards and storms in the name of skiing. In 2001, we bought it back, and it was ours again ever since. But that time in Utah wasnt kind to the car. The leather interior was stained and ripped up, the floor dirty, the factory rackbars replaced with Yakama crossbars. It's been our 4x4 ever since. We've done black diamond trails all over socal, and even gave John Bull a try, all with factory running boards and no lift. This morning, I took it in to get it smog checked. It failed That in itself isnt so bad, but I can barely afford the gas, the a/c doesnt work anymore, it needs all new belts (including timing), new seat covers, tires, it's starting to get body rot under the rear seats. I just can't afford this car anymore. So I'm selling it to the state. I hope some of you understand what it's like to sell a car you've owned your whole life, its sure hard. There will be some exterior parts availible in the coming weeks. I will post an add once they are for sale. I don't really know where I was going with this, just venting dissapointment I guess.
  4. Walmart battery, with CCA of 750. Works great on the pathy and even better on my CJ, which needs a ton of power like my last diesel...
  5. Sorry, that was suppesed to be don't get the 3.8. I've read that it's underpowered in the four door.
  6. As I recall (don't quote me on this) the burning down stemmed from brake line issues. Also, make sure its a 3.8. You'd regret the 3.6 in a four door.
  7. Part it and cross your fingers.
  8. I think it's more about knowing the limits of your vehicle. The Pathfinder is a very capable vehicle. The JKs are very capable vehicles. However, they both would most likely shine in different areas in their stock forms. The level of confidence the driver has with the limits of his vehicle helps, and his overall knowledge of wheeling imo.
  9. I'm more of a CJ guy myself. I've been equally as capable as most stock JKs, so far. That being said, the 2012 4 doors are nice, watch out for that recall on the 3.8 heads. Oh, and I sure hope the overall crawl ratio is better than 4:1 .
  10. The light on the dash I assume? Did you check the all doors and make sure all the knobs/sensors are working?
  11. I'm diggin' that vinyl, do ya mind me asking where you got it?
  12. I was going to suggest cleaning contacts and checking the connections. Mine doesnt work at all.
  13. Thanks Town! Another thing to the list, with the upper ball joints, belts, timing belt, a/c, brakes.....
  14. I wondered where the fuel filter is! Does that count?
  15. Would love to know what's up, I don't know what the difference between One Source and TRE is, but I got Once Source uppers today.
  16. It plows snow that goes up to my knees where my Jeep gets stuck. It just goes and goes, period. It won't die. Blown radiators. (3) Up to three years without an oil change. Valve job once, and it's still ticking at 232k miles. Besides, it does a decent job at pulling my real toy during summer and spring.
  17. My 2001 F250 Diesel had an extended warranty. That truck had so many problems, the only way it was worth only was that warranty. I don't even remember what was covered anymore, but for all the problems it had, the warranty was the only thing that made it worth while. Replaced: Fuel injectors Intercooler Intercooler boot twice Turbo Trans rebuild Some sort of chipset related to the Turbo. That truck was only worth it for the warranty. As soon as it ran out, it was gone. You'd be hauling a fifth wheel up a steep incline and there would be no turbo! The engine would struggle for almost 15 seconds until the turbo kicked in and it would haul fine.
  18. I take mine on anything I can find, dirt roads to black diamond trails. But it doesn't always work so well, hence my current icon.
  19. I don't know, after reading all this, maybe I should keep it!
  20. To add onto my dad, we carry: Ice chest with drinks and 2-3 days worth of food. Camelbaks with 3 liters of water each and some basic survival tools (poncho, lighter, first aid kit, etc). Change of clothes, including shoes. Heavy duty jumper cables leftover from our diesel f250. 2 Shovels. 2 Crowbars (large and small). 3 .50 Cal ammo cans to store tools. Socket sets, complete (in 3/8 drive and 1/2). Channel Locks. Vice Grips. Full roll of electrical tape. 2-3 rolls of duct tape. Power drill and drill bits. Power inverter and shop light. 3 gallons of radiator fluid. 3 quarts of 10w-40. One quart of PS fluid. One quart of brake fluid. One quart of autotrans fluid. Whatever is left in the wiper fluid container. Previously mentioned boards. Metal loading ramps.
  21. 232K, had a valve job, three radiators, rebuilt trans, original running boards used as rock sliders. Yeah, she's seen better days.
  22. And to think I nearly threw the sunroof bag and shade away....
  23. Woohoo!!! Thanks for the tip, just made my lower and upper replacement a lot easier!

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