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  1. Hey everyone I am now importing reduction gears for the V6 TX10 they are 3.9:1 ratio and I currently have two sets out of my first run of ten I will be ordering more after these are gone and for you 4cyl guys am working on getting them made as well not sure how long it will take but its in the works now. the price it 1000 plus shipping hit me up if you want a set or need more info.





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  2. hey guys I am back on here its been a bit!! so I have two sets left they came out to 3.9:1 ratio not he 4.735 that the distributor has listed but still one hell of an improvement over stock and they ship next day at least these last two will then I will have to import more. I am also working on getting them to make the 4cyl set of gears as well they are in the works but the guy I am dealing with is on vacation for the next week so I wont get any new info for a bit. Any how that said they are 1000 shipped hit me up if you want a set. @hawairish

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  3. Ya I drove that rig to work every day for two years it works fine with that ratio combo. I ran 5.29 and 5.38 in my yota when I built a custom front axle for it also it was a tuff to get out of low on dry ground some times but worked great driving


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    Well there is one installed in a 95 pathy looks as though you will need a 2 inch body lift or minor tranny tunnel clearnce work to fit in a pathy? We are thinking it will fit in the trucks with no body lift. And the other is how the shifters will look!


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