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  1. So the 31x10.5's specify a rim range of 7 to 9. I've got 6 inch rims. I guess I need new rims to go to bigger tires then. Crap!
  2. Okay, new development. I looked on the label inside the door for tire pressures and noticed what looks like data stating the wheel size is 15 x 6. It's an XE by the way, but the wheels sure look like 8's to me. The previous replies tellme that I'm good to go 31 x 10.5 with stock rims, but now I'm confused. What is the rim size? Is it 8 or 6? Is the door wrong or telling me something other than what I think? I'm on the verge of ordering my new tires and I don't want to get ready to install them only to find the rims are too narrow and need to buy 4 of those as well. Please help!
  3. Thank you very much for your infromative reply. Helps a tremendous amount.
  4. Hi All, Had my Pathfinder for about a year now. 1994 SE or Xe, I'm not sure at this instant but ... it's time for new tires. I've done a lot of searching and reading in the forum and perhaps I've missed it but ... I want to know without lifting, keeping the body/suspension stock, what are the largest wheels and tires I can run on it? Currently I have the chrome wheels and 235/75R15's on it. Thanks.

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