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  1. had new exhaust installed.....no more burnt feet!!!!!!
  2. Got plans made to go get my exhaust tomorrow.......no more hot feet.....whoooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking really hard about ordering the AC 3" suspension lift tomorrow too!!!!!!!
  3. put tint on my back glass by myself.....well, with the help of my better half.......I'm glad I'm not a professional tinter..........that $hit was hard!!!!!!!
  4. I found out that you could power slide and make a HARD left at 50 mph on a gravel road in the Pathy!!!!!
  5. yesterday.....replaced the upper radiator hose and two gallons of coolant after the hose blew and left me and the wife on the side of the road in 110 degree heat....had to call the son to come rescue us...... today I am attacking the thermostat and replacing it!!!!!
  6. After the quick disco's that I still haven't gotten the install completed!!!!!! Need a drill press!!!!!! That's some really hard metal!!!!!! extremely good flex considering it's in the driveway!!!!! really good tuck for 31X10.50X15s at least I thought so!!!!!!
  7. Yesterday....helped the Safelite guy install the new back glass!!!!! Today.....take off the rear sway bar so I can get the holes drilled out to 1/2" so I can finish the quick disco install!!!!! Now to find someone with a drill press.....this hand drill and titanium bit ain't gonna cut it!!!!!
  8. will throw some of that in too, but it takes too long for that dadgum stuff to dry.....
  9. Nope, nothing missing.....and the crazy thing is, I left the keys in it!!!!!! Thought I lived in an OK neighborhood....... Three years and first issue, I guess, as the saying goes, there's a first time for everything!!!!!!
  10. It appears that J.C. Whitney has some custom flares for any model.......here's the link!!!!! OOPS, wrong link!!!!! Try here, it's what I'm getting when I get my 33's http://www.jcwhitney.com/rubber-fender-extensions-fender-flares/p2008750.jcwx?filterid=c13049d1685y1992j1
  11. Bailing wire, duct tape, and zip ties are the friend of alot of us rednecks that live down here in the south!!!!!!! I will make it work, one way or another!!!!!!
  12. gotcha nunya.....sounds like a bailing wire situation!!!!!
  13. I can always play Army and use 100 MPH tape just for the trip.....I guess that would be regular duct tape for the rest of you guys......ours is green and supposedly will not peel off until 100 mph......no experience there......
  14. Thanks, Silverton.....and yes it was a used truck.....the PO did a fine job of maintaining it, however, I have now bled and refilled with Dot 4.....more to follow on how well it worked!!!!!
  15. Thanks, Pezzy......I got them bled and refilled with Dot 4......will go on hiway run tomorrow and check everything out.....i am in the middle of a rear quick disco install and don't want to do a high speed hiway run right now!!!!! Will follow up tomorrow!!!!!
  16. Well, got the tops installed, my damn 1/2" drill bit is too dull to drill the holes in the sway bar.....will buy the new one tomorrow!!!!! and the install will continue!!!!! Right side Left side After I got everything disconnected, I started thinking......what does everyone do with the hanging down sway bar while wheelin'? I was thinking that I could bungee it up, or zip tie it up with enough slack that the zip ties won't break.....ideas???
  17. Quick disco's arrived .....thanks 4x4parts.com......quick nap and then the installation begins.......will come back and add pics of the install progress!!!!!!!
  18. Got her all prepped for the arrival of the quick disco's......come on UPS, drive faster!!!!!!
  19. Well, I have checked all lines, calipers and the M/C, no leaks......waiting on a buddy to get here to help bleed the lines and then to add the Dot 4 fluid.....more to follow, as I have a three hour trip to get to the Superlift Park in Hot Springs on Saturday..... Oh, and thanks for all of the input!!!!!! It helped out greatly!!!!!! Todd
  20. Well, I really didn't mean to start all that has happened.....I did get some good info and am starting with it tomorrow.....I also got lots of giggles over the hopefully, good natured banter that has been going back and forth!!!!!! Thanks for all of the good info!!!!!
  21. Told her to remain calm, the quick disco's would be here tomorrow!!!!!
  22. not since I bought the truck......in Feb......will try that!!!!!!! all was well for a while till Interstate driving!!!!!
  23. fluid is good.....gonna go look for a new to me master cylinder!!!!!!
  24. OK, after driving for over an hour on the interstate with the cruise set, I had to brake for my exit.....pedal went almost to the floor.....after that it had the usual amount of back pressure......it has done this a few times, so now I'm asking to see if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone has any ideas as to why that might happen......thanks in advance!!!!!!

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