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  1. had the windshield replaced and got a new inspection sticker.......put on the X-Racks and admired them.....now it is raining and I refuse to go out there and take them off so I can sand and paint them......hopefully it will stop sometime during my nap and I can get to them this evening!!!!!
  2. got home and put all the insides back together in preparation for the windshield guy to get here tomorrow.....test fitted the X-Rack and the dents in the front of the roof from the rollover wont let the front feet sit flat... ...now I gotta work on the dents before I can get the dang rack mounted
  3. I will be on leave from 13 Apr - 30 Apr....Maybe I can come down there and help you on the last weekend of the month....I will just have to see what is happening....you are only about 3 hours from me!!!
  4. It is X Rack time for Elizabeth!!!!!! was in Alexandria for drill and went to visit the local U Pull It and lo and behold....... and the receipt...... will get to this next weekend.....more pics to follow!!!!!
  5. 12 miles 15 minutes one way...all four lane highway
  6. I found all the parts here at nissanpartszone.com......The part numbers match the 92 Pathfinder....everything but the shock cost $23.24 without shipping.....I am gonna order from them so I don't have to dig and hunt for bolts and nuts and washers all over the place......I found the Monroe shock that 88 talked about at Pepboys for $31-32. Hope this link helps any and all that are looking to do this upgrade!!!
  7. Thank you!!!!! I have done the best I could with what I have.....I built a 28X28 deck for a friend a year ago and fried both my table saw and chop saw so all this was done with a circular saw and jig saw.... Each drawer is on 60# medium duty sliders so I don't think weight will be a problem and the 4-2 5/8" screws holding the face on should keep them from coming off... yeah, I just thought I would drill some holes and knot rope on the backsides to make something different from all the others I have seen, however, the notch on the top sounds like a good idea too.... Next adventure is a heavy duty slider on the other side to put the spare/backup/extra battery and air compressor on.....the slide out will make working on the stuff easier....oh, and a door for that compartment with a piece that covers the center line of the drawers so they don't come open or move when they are not supposed to!!!
  8. Finished up the drawers in the storage compartment..... Got the area prepped to take the drawers..... Building drawer number one... Front of drawer with pilot holes drilled... Countersunk so as to not split the 1X4s... Bottom drawer in!!! I had to do some adjusting on the sliders to get the drawer as square as I could!!! Both drawers installed....I still have some cosmetic work to do and painting to do.....completion pics to follow!!!! I think I am just gonna drill some holes and knot some nylon rope for drawer pulls....any other ideas on the drawer pulls???
  9. Got my new blinkers mounted....they are parking/marker lights as well..... also mounted my fire extinguisher and first aid kit...... Measured the depth of my storage box so I can go back to Lowe's to get 1X4s and drawer sliders so I can make the drawers for the storage area......
  10. Hell, the PCV valve has been sitting in the garage for a while...I was cleaning my work area last night and found it and figured why not put it in... My wife picks on me about my mechanical ADD....I will be doing something and see something else and stop and do it and then go back to my original task.....
  11. Changed the PCV valve!!! Now, just waiting on payday to get the windshield!!!
  12. This Video from the Panhard drop fabricator should answer that. And, no, you're thinking of the rear sway bar.
  13. This is the grill I got off the 87.....gonna use it to swap out and confuse people..... finished as much of the storage box in the cargo area....looked at it and studied and pondered on how I am gonna put some kind of drawer system in there... cleaned all the trash out and vacuumed the whole thing out....
  14. I will take one, just let me know when they are ready and how to pay.....shipping will be to 71037!!!
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