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  1. thanks for the reply. I am getting it all laid out next to each other to see what I need to swap over. I will definitely try swapping the brackets, you are right it would make life a lot easier. I'm gunna leave the a/c alone for now too since I noticed it doesn't move locations so hopefully it will just bolt up and then i will just need to modify the bracket to be offset since the rest of the pulleys will be off-set from the rest of them... oh wait maybe I will have to do that for all of them if I use the old brackets, since the crank pulley belt grooves are not in the same place.

  2. Hi all I am in a rush to beat the snow and pulling my current VG30E from my 1993 pathfinder. It was piston slap, bad compression on a cylinder and lifter noise. Needless to say the previous owner was pretty damn hard on it and it needs to be replaced. Anyways the engine is half out of the truck at this point I am only a few hours in really but I wanted to know if anyone else on here has done this swap without touching the internals of the VG33E? Reason I'm asking is I got my 3.3 from a 1996 Pathy which I got in excellent running order (but rotted out unibody) for 400$ which I split with a buddy as he needed the transmission, so I only paid 200 for everything.


    I pulled the motor and all of the accessories and lines. I grabbed all a/c lines, power steering lines, etc. So my plan is to swap the motor and all accessories in as well, to avoid any mixing and matching of engine parts and generally dismantling the engine down to the crank... not what I really want to be doing. Most of the pump lines look like they will bolt right up and they all seem to go to the same general areas on the truck even though some of the accessories swapped sides.


    My question is, does anyone have any insight on this and if it will work? lol. The power steering pump should still power the steering box as opposed to the rack in the r50 right? The lines go to the right spot and look like they will fit right on with the banjo fittings. The a/c I'm not really worried about losing as this is mainly a winter truck but I did grab all those lines as well and they also look like they will bolt up as well to the wd21 ac components for the most part, if I ever want to charge the system. Anyways any help or advice is appreciated thanks!

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