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Status Updates posted by Nefarious

  1. Sigh im glad my pathy is so bullet proof. just got my 300zx running properly and now its making noise in the timing cover. Time for a 120k service, *sigh* lol

  2. So over this last couple of weeks I finished.... 2WD steering swap, steering box, upper and lower balljoints, wheel bearings. Alignment tomorrow....oooooo pathy is so tight feeling! Can't wait to feel after alignment...

  3. Steering almost sorted.... Next is to make some custom longer travel (2-3") control arms out of stock oems.... This should be fun. :) Going for 10" front wheel travel after I lower my diff. :)

  4. Successfully replaced and rekeyed my driver and passenger door locks to match my ignition, now just the rear hatch glass and glovebox and i will have one key for my whole truck! finally, the way it should be! :P anyone want a how-to?

    1. Tungsten
    2. Trogdor636


      I thought ahardboy had done one but I couldnt find it. I think he switched his 2 cars to one key!

    3. Nefarious


      I was thinking about doing that as well! I have a 240sx and 300zx, would be nice to have one key for them all. I took pictures along the way, ill do up a how to.

  5. thought my alternator packed it in, realised the power wire bolt was loose, yay :)

  6. To stay 15x10 steel or use the 15x8 alloys i just got..... would i really have that much more power/gas mileage????

    1. OldSlowReliable


      the 15x8's hold a better bead IMO, especially on super low pressures for sand/such. I like my 15x8 with my 33x12.50s alot.

    2. Tungsten
    3. nunya


      weld em togher and have 15x18 hybrids!

  7. Welded up some proper exhaust hangers for my custom 2.5 inch exhaust today. Now it's in there nice and tight. Also welded up the floor of my sisters Chevette.... one of the front seat bolts tore off bringing a 3x3 piece of sheet metal with it...sigh....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nefarious


      yeah it sure is... she loves that 4 door chevette and she gets over 40 mpg lol. and yes its on the road! still runs good...lol

    3. nismothunder


      Half chevelle half corvette, lol. They wernt bad cars like the vega's were.

    4. Nefarious


      yeah its been really reliable its got over 500k on it all original and doesnt burn a drop of oil. cant really complain


  8. Well it's almost pathy season again... 240sx is going off the road for a complete custom turbo setup and the Pathy is coming out of retirement with 2 more inches of lift, no more leaking exhaust, and a new lsd rear end with rear discs. This will be a fun winter!!! :)

  9. well my lady is officially a pathy driver now! her truck is road worthy after many hours of work and many parts replaced.400$ for truck, 900$ in parts and fluids. truck is near perfect now with zero rust and runs like a dream. fixed up, tuned up and all maintenance done. thanks for the help with my questions everyone! love this forum.

    1. The_Magicians_Eye
    2. Nefarious


      Just passed emissions testing! With flying colours, I might add! Previous owner failed the test nearly 6 years ago! And it has been sitting for the past 4 or 5 years. This thing is back from the dead. Nox reading was 300% under allowable and HC was 200% under allowable. It's a thing of beaty!

    3. Nefarious
  10. Well the crappy aftermarket keyless entry my truck came with just failed and my door locks are all mismatched and broken. yay for no access to my truck. Guess it's time to finally hit the JY and get some locks with a key that works and a compustar or viper installed. Haven't been looking forward to this day. lol

    1. RJSquirrel


      alkorahil set me up with new locks for all the doors/hatch/glovebox for $150. Its really nice to have brand new keys. Send him your VIN.

    2. Nefarious


      wow thanks for the heads up i will definitely inquire!


  11. Well, VG33E swap number 2 under way! My other halfs 93 Path SE is up on the chopping block next... Going to be staying a lot more stock with this swap and using Mr.510's crank adapter. Thanks Dave! Will be doing another build thread once all the parts are together!

    1. Trogdor636


      He still produces those? He hasn't been on the board in so long I wondered.

    2. Nefarious


      yup he has an ebay store. he mentioned he was no longer active here. not sure which forums he is on now but i know he still makes them as mine is in the mail!

    3. Wroth


      How did you find it? I looked for one for a month and a half, messaged the ebay store for Mr.510 (Canada based?) and never got a response. I had to go have a local shop make me one, and I ended up getting three since they were so hard to find! 

  12. Went to fit a front skid plate to my truck, it was missing... Now I see why... all 6 bolts broken off flush...useless 6 MM bolts holding it in... drilled them out to 8MM holes and re tapped. These shouldnt break! :)

  13. whew! Headlights are poweres through a relay and HID conversion is complete on the 92. just need to aim the headlights now... so much better!

  14. Worked on the gfs truck... new cvs are in, was pretty easy actually only took a few hours. :) no broken bolts!

  15. workin on the rigs.....must be a wheelin weekend

    1. nunya


      just a regular occurrence... nothign like maintenance to keep from NEEDING to do big projects!

    2. Nefarious


      true dat! ...although I have one big project I cannot avoid...stupid frame. lol. At least it's farrr better than what i have seen posted on here before! I only have a tiny hole to fix..

  16. working on a big project in class... coming up with an RSLogix program to automate a metal fabrication process. so far we figured out all the I/O and i have half of my flow chart finished... trying to decide on ladder logic or a sequencer to complete the task! ugh!!

  17. wow.... I got a LOT done today.... on my wd21 and a buddies r50....

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