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Status Updates posted by Nefarious

  1. *sigh* gotta take my 3.3 swapped wd21 with no egr through aircare (local emissions testing), new magnaflow cat, all new tune up parts. hopefully it passes!!!

  2. 1 inch cut in the sidewall of my brand new 33x12.5 duratrac. wow what a sweet and awesome day.... at least it can be repaired as a trail spare....i wonder if the tire shop is gunna make me buy a new one. probably!!!

  3. 1" balljoint spacers, 2-2.5 more iches of rear lift, lsd/disc brake rear axle swap.....this will be a fun winter break :D pics to come

  4. 1" balljoint spacers, 2-2.5 more iches of rear lift, lsd/disc brake rear axle swap.....this will be a fun winter break :D pics to come

  5. 12+ inches of snow. Play time for the pathy!! Loving these Duratracs in the ice and snow.... just beast...

    1. TugboatTony


      It's about time eh budday? The only problem is I'll be on the water.

    2. 1994SEV6


      hows that vg33 in the snow?

    3. Nefarious


      Oh man so nice. I just pulled about 500 miles of driving in the last few days travelling around in over a foot of snow. so epic, i mean really. man its so nice to have some real power in the rig now. i picked up a tow line and hooked it to my rear bumper and was pulling cars up really steep hills and out of ditches for days. so much fun!!!! the house i was staying at is on this crazy steep hill and most trucks could barely make it up and i was towing cars up it!!!...

  6. 240v welder plug should be wired in today... Installing 2WD steering setup and playing with new welder this weekend!! So stoked!!!

  7. 33x12.5 Duratracs mounted tomorrow morning WOOOO!!!!

    1. PaMountianbiker


      Pics will be required !!!!

    2. Nefarious


      absolutely!!! Getting mounted on 15x10 steels that I custom powdercoated at work. zinc-epoxy primer, then gunmetal, then clearcoat. 3 stage powdercoat! lol

  8. 33x12.5 goodyear duratracs = best tires i have ever had, went through the toughest spots in the local mud put that a lot of trucks struggle with when its bad and my truck almost idled up the hill with open diffs.... amazing NEED LSD NOW!

  9. Anyone know if the TD27t bellhousing will fit on the VG30e gearbox?? I have a good RE4R01A and theres a Terrano with blown trans only 70k original Kilometers.... wondering if I can piece the two together.....

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    2. 1994SEV6


      hey what's up with that 300zx? I knew it was in some sort of collision, but I wasn't aware it wasn't running. Much less aware that it had been out of commission for some months now.

    3. Nefarious


      I salvaged it from my neighbour who crashed it, then drove it 800 miles to the next province with no front bumper, sucked up water onto the maf and pooched it so he limped it home at 2500 rpm, then he parked it. I completely restored it from the crash and replaced all the missing pieces and she fired right up! still working out a few kinks it runs strong but idles a little high and has a slight miss. checking codes tonight i suspect the o2s are shot and maybe the power transistor unit for...

    4. Nefarious


      the coilpacks. then the pathy is goin off the road for a SAS!!

  10. bout to go out into the 2 degree weather and do exhaust work and a bit of wiring and fluids to finish this vg33e swap!!

  11. Feeling like an uber lucky man right now. My other half bought me a 91 pathfinder SE as my college graduation present and it was a total surprise! 1991 SE with LSD, rear discs. The oh so hard to find 4" trailmaster lift, all main suspension bushings done, black exterior with gray interior and its got a sunroof and tire carrier! Oh yeah... it has a completely IMMACULATE frame with ZERO rust that still has its full powdercoat on the frame. Garage kept. Now to swap the VG33E, body li...

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    2. Karmann


      Wish someone would by me a Pathfinder :) Lucky you!


    3. 5523Pathfinder


      Four days later, still no pics?

    4. Nefarious


      sorry! been working my butt off on my final project for my industrial automation program diploma. we are building an entire manufacturing process from scratch ! so much work !


  12. Finally fixed the hinge bushings in my spare tire carrier. Wow what a pain.. upper hinge pin was easy, bottom one took some serious help to get out. Got er all done and no more rattle going over bumps!! Finally opens and closes properly too. It even opens itself once the latch is released! So cool ...

    1. Tungsten


      Don't forget to add zerk fittings and keep that thing greased.

    2. Nefarious


      yeah thats not a bad idea. Although it does have the little needle fitting spot, I would be a lot more inclined to do it if I had a zerk on there. lol

  13. finished rekeying my locks. finally one key for the whole rig and i can open my hatch glass now and unlock my truck if the battery dies again. lol.

  14. Found a shop to machine my 4wd tie rod adjusters... 35$ cash! New 2wd inner tie rods(40$) new 2wd center link(70$), machined adjusters(35$), junkyard adjusters(free), my outer tie rods are still new.. Total of 145$ for a custom 2wd steering setup.... I think so!!!

  15. Found a VH45DE motor, ecu, and wiring harness for 250$ at the wreckers today! Project V8 300ZX Slicktop is a go!! Pulling the motor tomorrow!!

  16. Got my jeep grand cherokee springs today... they measure to 17" on the dot after pigtails were cut... yellow tags... should be a decent amount of lift. :D

  17. got the intake manifold back together today, tomorrow is exhaust work and rear axle swap... open diff drum brakes swapped for a lsd disc brake rear.:)

  18. I have the hottest girlfriend in the world. She just said she wants me to teach her how to work on vehicles... Dream girl, seriously. lol

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    2. Nefarious


      lol i just met her dude. i think i just have that effect on her. :P

    3. Nefarious


      oh yeah and she wants a 4runner too i told her its blasphemy . lol. my friends with them all seem to have cooling issues of all sorts....like all the time....

    4. 1994SEV6


      I don't want to start a war on Toyota or anything, but it seems like ALL their cars have cooling/head gasket issues.


  19. installed front 5" round speakers and rear 5x7" mtx thunders in the rear headliner spots. :) sub and amp tomorrow.

  20. Installed the oem steering damper pin from Nissan 19$ and used a Monroe shock for 55$ and Lordco hardware for 3$... Grand total of 77$ and wow... Truck feels so much better driving down the road with 33x12.5 and 15x10 steel rims.. Almost feels like a fullsize now haha!

    1. lint


      part numbers please!!! I want to do this also!

    2. Nefarious


      Kk ill get the parts numbers and hardware sizes today. Best 77 dollars I've put into this rig hands down.

    3. lint
  21. Just did the 120k service for my 1990 300ZX. Wow I am a little sore, good to be done. That was a big job...

  22. just finished major overhaul on the gfs wd21..... now time to finish mine before the snow comes! my slammed 240sx is not exactly a viable winter vehicle anymore.....lol

  23. Just finished my custom idler arm brace. similar to calmini but perfect fitment and cost me 6$ to make. :)

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    2. Nefarious


      Okay it's finished and painted, thread is up in the fab section. Roast away! :P

    3. tmoore4512


      Hey it looks good!

    4. Nefarious


      thanks guys. still gettin my hand at fab but it should serve the purpose!


  24. just found out a local junkyard got in a 1987 300zx turbo , has the clutch type lsd! going to to pick it up for 75$!!! happy bloody day! the pathy is finally getting a front LSD!

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    2. Pav


      I know many people love having lockers but my dream would be for an LSD in the front to compliment the rear...LSD can get you out of a lot of trouble...stay calm and carry on :)

    3. ferrariowner123


      i agree, write up is required!!!


    4. calibeater


      second that motion^^^^

  25. just got an egr today from the junkyard...what a pain to remove... now i can put it in my truck....go pass air care.....then rip it out again after i pass, lol...

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