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  1. whew! Headlights are poweres through a relay and HID conversion is complete on the 92. just need to aim the headlights now... so much better!

  2. Just graduated a couple of weeks ago and just got a call with my first interview from the job I wanted the most. Here's hoping!!

  3. Feeling like an uber lucky man right now. My other half bought me a 91 pathfinder SE as my college graduation present and it was a total surprise! 1991 SE with LSD, rear discs. The oh so hard to find 4" trailmaster lift, all main suspension bushings done, black exterior with gray interior and its got a sunroof and tire carrier! Oh yeah... it has a completely IMMACULATE frame with ZERO rust that still has its full powdercoat on the frame. Garage kept. Now to swap the VG33E, body li...

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    2. Karmann


      Wish someone would by me a Pathfinder :) Lucky you!


    3. 5523Pathfinder


      Four days later, still no pics?

    4. Nefarious


      sorry! been working my butt off on my final project for my industrial automation program diploma. we are building an entire manufacturing process from scratch ! so much work !


  4. working on a big project in class... coming up with an RSLogix program to automate a metal fabrication process. so far we figured out all the I/O and i have half of my flow chart finished... trying to decide on ladder logic or a sequencer to complete the task! ugh!!

  5. Refurbishing an old set of 15x8 alloy wheels for the pathy. Replacing the 15x10 steel wheels that are on now and weigh a TON! Will be cutting around 30 LBS PER WHEEL! Should be a noticeable increase in performance. :)

    1. adamzan


      And gas mileage

  6. just found out a local junkyard got in a 1987 300zx turbo , has the clutch type lsd! going to to pick it up for 75$!!! happy bloody day! the pathy is finally getting a front LSD!

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    2. Pav


      I know many people love having lockers but my dream would be for an LSD in the front to compliment the rear...LSD can get you out of a lot of trouble...stay calm and carry on :)

    3. ferrariowner123


      i agree, write up is required!!!


    4. calibeater


      second that motion^^^^

  7. workin on the rigs.....must be a wheelin weekend

    1. nunya


      just a regular occurrence... nothign like maintenance to keep from NEEDING to do big projects!

    2. Nefarious


      true dat! ...although I have one big project I cannot avoid...stupid frame. lol. At least it's farrr better than what i have seen posted on here before! I only have a tiny hole to fix..

  8. Nand, Not, Nor anything else.... Ahhh electronics tech school. How you hurt my brain.

  9. Well, VG33E swap number 2 under way! My other halfs 93 Path SE is up on the chopping block next... Going to be staying a lot more stock with this swap and using Mr.510's crank adapter. Thanks Dave! Will be doing another build thread once all the parts are together!

    1. Trogdor636


      He still produces those? He hasn't been on the board in so long I wondered.

    2. Nefarious


      yup he has an ebay store. he mentioned he was no longer active here. not sure which forums he is on now but i know he still makes them as mine is in the mail!

    3. Wroth


      How did you find it? I looked for one for a month and a half, messaged the ebay store for Mr.510 (Canada based?) and never got a response. I had to go have a local shop make me one, and I ended up getting three since they were so hard to find! 

  10. just got an egr today from the junkyard...what a pain to remove... now i can put it in my truck....go pass air care.....then rip it out again after i pass, lol...

  11. Worked on the gfs truck... new cvs are in, was pretty easy actually only took a few hours. :) no broken bolts!

  12. *sigh* gotta take my 3.3 swapped wd21 with no egr through aircare (local emissions testing), new magnaflow cat, all new tune up parts. hopefully it passes!!!

  13. Just ordered my Hi/Low beam HID kit (4300k) for my 93 Pathy, say goodbye lame factory headlights! Can't beat 64$ shipped for the whole kit!

  14. new axle is in! say goodbye drum brakes, open diff and broken e brake cable! say hello disc brakes, lsd and functional e brake!!! as well as bigger lift springs :)

    1. medicbaldwin


      curious what axle and spring set you went with?

    2. Nefarious


      I got an SE axle from a 95 pathy that had Limited slip and disc brakes, swapped the whole rear axle over. The springs are yellow tag jeep grand Cherokee springs with the pigtail bent out to be about 18" tall unloaded.

  15. got the intake manifold back together today, tomorrow is exhaust work and rear axle swap... open diff drum brakes swapped for a lsd disc brake rear.:)

  16. well my lady is officially a pathy driver now! her truck is road worthy after many hours of work and many parts replaced.400$ for truck, 900$ in parts and fluids. truck is near perfect now with zero rust and runs like a dream. fixed up, tuned up and all maintenance done. thanks for the help with my questions everyone! love this forum.

    1. The_Magicians_Eye
    2. Nefarious


      Just passed emissions testing! With flying colours, I might add! Previous owner failed the test nearly 6 years ago! And it has been sitting for the past 4 or 5 years. This thing is back from the dead. Nox reading was 300% under allowable and HC was 200% under allowable. It's a thing of beaty!

    3. Nefarious
  17. oh how I love exhaust work.... *sigh* at least it will sound good... OBX headers 2" outlets, to 2.5" after the y pipe, to a 2.5" high flow magnaflow cat, 2.5" flowmaster 40 to a side exit in front of driver side rear tire.

  18. lower intake manifold clean and new gaskets, cleaned lifter area and valve covers, new valve cover seals and grommets.....tomorrow is injector seals and o rings, fuel rail grommets and upper plenum gasket and intake plenum back on. progress is being made!

  19. just finished major overhaul on the gfs wd21..... now time to finish mine before the snow comes! my slammed 240sx is not exactly a viable winter vehicle anymore.....lol

  20. 1" balljoint spacers, 2-2.5 more iches of rear lift, lsd/disc brake rear axle swap.....this will be a fun winter break :D pics to come

  21. 1" balljoint spacers, 2-2.5 more iches of rear lift, lsd/disc brake rear axle swap.....this will be a fun winter break :D pics to come

  22. Picked up a full engine gasket set for 75 bux on ebay, all main gaskets and injectors seals/orings. such a steal. almost ready for winter :)

    1. adamzan


      I would not use an aftermarket rear main seal. The other seals are fine though.

    2. Nefarious


      yeah it doesnt come with rear main, its still good and i dont plan on pulling the motor or trans until i have to, but it does have the cam seals and front main,

  23. Well it's almost pathy season again... 240sx is going off the road for a complete custom turbo setup and the Pathy is coming out of retirement with 2 more inches of lift, no more leaking exhaust, and a new lsd rear end with rear discs. This will be a fun winter!!! :)

  24. Just picked up a rear axle from a 95 Pathy SE with disc brakes, limited slip, and e brake cables for 50$!!!! Can't wait to swap this bad boy in.... No more open diff, drum brakes, and broken e brake cable. Three birds with one stone. :)

  25. SE axle with rear discs and LSD to swap into my drum brake open diff truck for 50$!!!! STOKED!!!

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    2. KovemaN


      Killer. $50 is a steal.

    3. KovemaN


      Killer. $50 is a steal.

    4. Nefarious


      Phew just finished grabbing the axle. Had it out in an hour! :)

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