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  1.   Found out last night, that the photo hosting site I use, Tinypic is shutting down, so I'm sure any and all pics I have posted will be disappearing. I'm going to save all the pics before it shuts down, I should have most if not all of them but want to save them just in case I don't.

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  2. Just a heads up, I just bought a used column cover from a member on another forum and went to install it and came across a problem, not his fault, I never even knew there was a difference in the top covers, this probably wouldn't be an issue on the Pathfinder a most probably came with tilt steering, just wanted to share what I found.

    pic below is the stock cover from my 93, non tilt that I modified to fit the tilt column, you can see the opening for the ignition cylinder is towards the rear.


    New/used tilt column cover from a 90 Pathfinder, you can see the opening for the ignition cylinder is towards the front:


    I also noticed the bottom cover from the 90 Pathfinder is not as deep as the one from my 93, but the bottom cover would have worked, I just had to move all the wires to the right side

  3. I worked in a 4x4 shop back in the best times for the Nissan trucks, 87 -90 ish, We installed many visors and all were made by Lund. Not saying there wasn't another company out there but I do not recall one off hand. There was a company that made them out of metal that were shaped differently than the Lund visor.


    I have a very old Jobber price book from one of the warehouse's who we got our parts from, I'll look through it and see if I can find another company.

  4. Very nice step by step with the pictures !


    I guess you have a body lift as the upper radiator brackets are upside down, did the same on my former 87 Hardbody with the body lift.


    A member on Infamous forum is swapping a VG33 into his Hardbody and discovered most of the JDM VG33's that are for sale have the alternator on the pass. side, he wanted to keep his on the drivers side, where it is on the VG30, but he found the oil filter bracket was too thick and it would not allow the alternator to clear , so he replaced the oil filter mount with one from a frontier, it is thinner and allows the alternator to bolt up and clear.


    A tip when removing the hood and getting it to re align is to drill a hole through the mount into the hood on each mount, than when reinstalling use a drill bit to line up the hole in the mount into the hole in the hood, once the drill bit is through both holes you know it is in the same location it was before being removed.

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  5. he said he doesn't remember what the old plug looked like.


    He also posted a video of doing the compression test on #5 cylinder. I told him to get a new gauge because there is no way the reading he is getting is correct, he is showing 210 PSI, The service manual shows a new engine should be at 173 PSI.

  6. I don't know if he checked for codes, it runs, but runs rough, he said it was backfiring on deceleration but than adjusted the timing and that stopped, His mechanic was saying it might be a stuck intake valve


    More info, engine has about 225K miles, has good power and doesn't burn oil. He said when he shuts it off it runs for a few seconds (dieseling??)

  7. Trying to help someone on another forum. He has a Hardbody with the VG30I (88), seems like it has a misfire on number 5 cylinder. He has replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor, the number 5 plug has spark when it is removed and placed near the engine. Engine has good compression and timing is correct.


    When he removes the number 5 wire while running the RPM's do not change.


    Any thoughts on this? Thanks

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