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  1. I appreciate the comments, im gonna start compiling information for my turbo build. Id like to know what size injectors the factory pathy has, and if they are high/low impedance.

    also can i use nistune on a pathfinder? i didn't see it on there site.

    im gonna look into using a z31 turbo ecu/injectors with wiring harness. would be cheap and its reliable, plus i have all this laying around.

  2. you guys misunderstand me,when i say i have no time i mean that i don't have weeks to work on a project.

    i assumed i could just buy the supercharger and the necessary parts/gaskets.

    i met a person online who said everything bolted up like stock, and all he did was use a pressure compensated fuel regulator and retarded the timing, no ecu change.


    i would love to turbo my truck also, i have all the parts to do so, only the exhaust manifolds are a problem.

    this was wishful thinking. i was hoping there would be a cheap way to boost the performance, like you can on a z31.

  3. i don't have the time or money to pull an engine.I only have about 1500$ to play with.I was more or less looking for a weekend type install, buy supercharger, install it, swap computers, drive.

    i have no doubt the vg30E motor can take low boost, this is why i wanted to try it.

    If i ever decide to try the swap ill make sure to post my findings.

  4. i understand the vg33 would make more power, but there are plenty of powerful vg30e's. I don't really want to spend too much on my truck, thats what i have my z31 for.

    from what i can tell the parts will bolt up to the vg30 no problem, i would like to know what wich ecu i could use. any chance a xterra ecu would plug into the pathfinder harness? i would also like to know if i can retain my AC with the supercharger, and can the stock fuel pump keep up with with what ever sized injectors came on the xterra/frontier?

  5. i did some searching but didn't find any write ups.

    im wondering if anyone has the done xterra supercharger on a vg30.

    if anyone has done this swap wich ECU are you using?

    a parts list would be nice. I figure since alot of z31 guys turbo the NA motors, it shouldn't be a big problem to boost the pathfinder engine a bit.

  6. Hey guys, i have searched some but didn't find any great information.

    I am wondering if anyone here has done a diesel swap??

    I figure since a TD27 came in a terrano, one could swap one into a pathfinder if you had all the parts.


    any information would be great.

  7. Ive checked all of the above.

    The sound stops when i pull out the maf sensor from the intake tube. also i put a vacuum on the maf sensor and it whistles like a mofo.

    The only thing i can think of is that small debris must be stuck inside the maf after the screen causing this annoying sound.

  8. I am aware than there is air noises. This is the 4th air filter ive done. I did 2 z31's another pathfinder and my old sentra, and none of them were high pitched like this.



    This truck made no noise until i installed the new air filter,after the new cone filter it was high pitched and now i have reverted back to stock and it still is noisy.

    I just don't get it.The MAF was clean, no dents, the screen is perfectly intact, all my hoses are tight.

    This is really just a stupid problem to have.Im ready to replace the MAF if i have to.

  9. here is my situation, my truck is bone stock and i decided to do a cold air intake.At this point i had 0 problems, once i installed the cone filter i could hear a hissing noise, so i made a gasket and used gasket maker to make sure there was no air leaks. The noise is coming from inside the maf sensor, its a very high pitched noise wich changes when throttle is applied. after a week i couldn't take the noise so i reinstall the factory airbox and what do you know, its still noisy.


    Now my question is what is going on with my maf sensor? i inspected it, it's clean as a whistle, but yet i hear this really high pitched air sound.

    I can't take it anymore, it's just way to annoying.

    any idea's on whats going on? i can make a video if you guys need, but its pretty simple, just a high pitched sound coming from the maf.

  10. Hi guys, my started has crapped out and i was wondering if there is a write up or if you guys can give me some tips on how to remove it.

    I have done a starter on my vg30et from my z31, but that pathfinder has like no clearence to work on it.


    any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

  11. k guys, my master cylinder for the brakes has failed and i need a replacement.

    i called my local nissan dealership and they want over 330$.

    courtesy nissan wants like 170$.


    can anyone tell me what the part number is so i can look it up? or how much is this part actually worth?


    i can get a no name part for 60$ on ebay or i can get a tokico part for around 160$, wich sounds about right.



    this new parts guy at my local nissan makes things so difficult, always get the wrong prices and run arounds.


    thanks in advance

  12. ok bummer dont feel like pulling the engine apart in -15 + weather hoping it could of been a air pocket or something simple



    as a test remove the radiator cap and let the engine warm up, give it a couple revs. then shut off and re-install the cap, if there are air bubbles this should take care of it.

  13. im not sure that 2 alternators would be cost effective.

    here is my solution, on z31performance.com lots of people have tried many different alternators.

    the most common being a maxima 90amp, quest/villager 110amp and the 350z wich is somewhere around 110 amps i think.


    i personally did the quest alternator on my vg30, it was pretty much a bolt on affair and almost double the ammount of amperage.


    also in my stock pathfinder i run 15"PPI sub with an 800watt pioneer amp, and its worked great for the last 2 years.

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