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  1. I tried it. It worked but there was always some bull@!*% to fiddle with. Not as reliable as a factory efan car for sure. The mechanical fan moves more air than a electric will anyways. I went back to the mechanical one after a few months.

  2. This weekend I fired up the 95 for the first time in a while. Noticed an exhaust leak at the header. Turns out I stripped one of the studs in the head during last years install. Luckily one of the "easy" ones so I pulled it and ordered a heli coil kit just in case.


    Cleaned it out, found a lot of memories from past relationships and road trips. Hopefully I'll have time in the coming weeks to install:

    • New drivers front fender
    • The other 3 speakers
    • Exhaust stud
    • Spare tire carrier bushing set.
  3. On 7/22/2022 at 4:16 AM, hawairish said:




    L to R: LH & RH upstream (both OE), LH & RH downstream (both aftermarket).


    I don't blame the previous owner for never changing them.  They're such a pain.  The heat shields alone probably added an hour to the job, because they block the sensor hex.  I still need to get the cats and a new exhaust on...hopefully no surprises there.


    The other day I also realized that t-case shifter arm is different between an R50 and a WD22 Xterra, which is what my donor t-case came from.  The Xterra arm is longer, which prevented shifting into 2H.  Swapping the arms was a bit of a pain...the pins that hold the arm onto the shaft are wedged in place.  Took penetrant, heat, and a hammer and punch to get it out.  I was able to get them swapped tonight, so shifting operations are back to normal. 


    Aftermarket parts are SUCH @!*%E these days. It's so hard replacing things on my '95 because you end up returning it 3 times before you get one that fits. My original starter died last summer and they went through 3 units on the tester before I got a good one... Kept the oem one and had it rebuilt at a shop as a spare.


    Those o2s are a little past their prime lol. I had a 5mpg increase on my 2002 xterra after changing the primaries. Couldn't believe it. Can easily get almost 20mpg on the freeway now driving nicely. Before the thing couldn't go past 15mpg no matter how slow or gingerly you drove it.

  4. That looks like the same one I have. It fit my 1995 just fine. You have to remove one of the plugs to screw in the pressure switch.


    Idk about you guys but I can't live without the aircon in mine. Black truck with leather seats....

  5. Put the insurance back on it and gave the interior a good clean. Shocked the 27 year old leather seats still aren't cracked on this thing. 


    Ordered some kilmat for my Xterra and might use the rest on the wd21 if I have enough. Getting old enough that road noise really bother's me lol.

  6. The fastest way to get it back on the road is just another VG30 to drop in it. But of course we all want more power. What I would do is the VG33 or the VG34 if you don't mind a little more work (The thread @Slartibartfast linked has the details. Not really anything on this but you can also swap the supercharged VG33 from an Xterra or Frontier into the wd21 as well. May need to modify the hood or do a body lift for that, though.

  7. 16 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:

    I've never taken one of these clamshells off where the plastic wasn't either gone or well on its way, though to be fair that's a sample size of four.


    And, yeah, those plastic trim screws are the worst. After buggering a few of them I realized you've gotta use a flat-blade screwdriver with as little down force as possible. If it's slipping, hook a fingernail under the head as soon as it lifts. An early HB I scavenged had regular metal screws into plastic inserts, like how the front corner lamps mount, not sure why they moved away from that.


    Good luck with the bearings. If you still want to borrow that socket, I think the pass opened this week.



    I don't think they were metal screws from the factory, someone else probably got fed up and put them in there lol.

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