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  1. Slick here's how to post pics: First upload your pic to a web host (you can get a free geocities site from yahoo and upload them to there). Next click the IMG button above where you type your replies. It will ask you to input the URL for the image, if you were using geocities it would look like www.geocities.com/username/picturename.jpg Then ta da! one image in your post. For instance: That's my avatar pic all big n stuff. For those of you wondering that is Tetsuo from the classic anime movie Akira
  2. No light covers, but still it is very cheap. Rhino lining would look very cool.
  3. Ok lets see, duct tape visible from drivers seat, check. No wash action since last year, check (rain doesn't count since I just get my pathy muddy driving on dirt roads -bounce- ). Body panels that have visible hammer marks? Well I have a couple of medium size dents. Paint matches all body panels, but under the rear window the clear coat is begining to "bubble." Door handles match, you got me there. I'v got two up on you however: missing one hubcap and trash inside the spare tire rim.
  4. Right now I'v got the jank walkman to cassette adapter set up Anyway the last cd I was listening to was Motorhead - The Best of Motorhead Vol. 2 Also on constant rotation are: Rancid - ...And out Came the Wolves - and their self titled cd Flogging Molly - Within a Mile of Home Dropkick Murphies - Do or Die - The Gangs All Here Rob Zombie - Past, Present, and Future Metallica - Black Album - Master of Puppets Devil Driver - Devil Driver A metal mix cd I created with White Zombie, Superjoint Ritual, Static X and others.
  5. End of April might not be the best time, all of my classes are having exams either last week of april or first week of may. Let me know some dates and I'll see if I can work something out.
  6. Yea go two doors! You can see a 4 door suv in any mall parking lot, but two doors are a mark of a true SPORT Utility Vehicle.
  7. Hi slick! I live in Felton just outside of Santa Cruz. I'd love to go wheeling sometime, I'm a total noob (I'v gone off roading a grand total of once unless you count my driveway which is gravle and badly rutted) and my Pathy is stock. Let me know when you go wheeling somewhere near here.
  8. Why your local junkyard of course. If you are deathly afraid of junkyards or don't want to take the springs out yourself (pff work is for lazy people ) ebay. Cost should be around $10 - $20.
  9. Mmm Supercharged Xterra :cool2: 4Runners are cool, and the aftermarket market for them is huge. A Ford Ranger 4x4 is a nice truck, especially if you do a prerunner build. Older Toyota Land Cruisers are sweet.
  10. No kidding, everywhere you look you see chrome in Cali. I'v seen POS geo's and really old Civics running huge chrome wheels. I'v got a great pic on my cell of a little suzuki or geo (I don't remember which) super compact suv with huge chrome rims, I was laughing for days after I saw it, it even had a matching huge chrome spare. Of course I live in a rural area so I see just as many lifted super buff 4x4's too (mostly Yota trucks and 4Runners).
  11. Sweet, I'm planning on going to the junkyard this week (spring break woo hoo!). Hopefully I'll get a new spare and some other misc. parts.
  12. I was thinking about getting another lego wheel and 31x10.5 tire to replace my stock spare tire. I was wondering if it would fit on the exterior spare tire carrier. It looks as though it might block the opener handle, is this the case?
  13. I still haven't gone out to get some batteries for my digital camera so no pictures. My only interior mods are: color matched duct tape over rips in the arm rests on doors (not my mod really, the truck came that way), a boring Kenwood cassette player, and the best most awesome mod: Super Mario floor mats! And yes they are totally awesome.
  14. No, I didn't take meth 101, I just listen to Loveline (late night radio talk show with Adam Carolla (man show guy) and Dr. Drew). I think you are right that many contain pseudoephedrine, but that is a derivative of methamphetamines. I believe it's only two molecules off. Back to main topic; I would be wary about putting that chip in, but it's your call. Just don't cry when all it does is make your mpg piss poor. Also there might be a clause in the guarantee about it being void if you actually install the chip.
  15. Topped off the brake fluid yesterday, and the light hasn't come on since. Thanks for the help.
  16. It could just be your tire tread design. Check what people say about the tires at your local tire shop and online at sites like www.tires.com and www.tirerack.com Are the tires MT AT or HT?
  17. My thoughts on this subject are here.
  18. Adjusted rubber bumpers and ta da! hood now pops open! Thanks for the help everyone. :bow:
  19. If they even do that. Most of the pictures of these things look like they're just a transistor with an LED. Maybe $.05 worth of parts in them. In fact the more I think about it the more these are just like diet pills. All most diet pills are is just a capsule filled with a harmless herb or kelp. Some of them have methamphetamines (I don't think I spelled that right) in them, which will make you skinny, but in a bad way. All these "chips" are is a plastic box filled with some cheap electronics. Some of them might do what hardwaretoad says, which um won't do anything but make you realize how expensive gas is. These guys are real scum bags, and exemplify everything that is wrong with ebay. Sigh anything for a quick buck I guess.
  20. Checked fluid level, it's not low but it's not full either. It's about halfway between low and max. I'll top it off just in case.
  21. I'v seen many of those on ebay and I'm convinced that they are all just a scam. Especially since in 89 they changed the entire fuel injection system and in 96 they went to an entirely new V6. How can a module for 3 different engines not be a "one size fits all" module? Also no mention of V6 or I4. Return it and get your money back (you probably won't get anything back the seller will disapear). Sorry you got scamed, it happens to the best of us. Reasons for why this is a scam: Auction #1 Bad grammer throughout auction. Reason #2 Reason #3 Two different sellers two different prices, same picture. Reason #4 This one's expensive! But don't worry it's "not a knock off." Yeah right If you need more convincing that these auctions are a scam mearly do an ebay parts search for Pathfinder chip. They're kind of like the diet pill auctions.
  22. I'll check the brake fluid level later on today after my classes are over, I'll post findings later.
  23. I have the weirdest problem (not really a problem, but an oddity). My parking/emergency brake will turn on sometimes during right turns. Only on right turns never left, and then only sometimes. I know the e brake isn't engaging (that would be kinda cool though, get to do e brake turns everywhere -bounce- ). Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  24. OK got a problem here, my hood won't pop when I pull the pop hood switch. This is anoying because someone has to pull on the switch while someone else pulls up on the hood. I can do it alone but it often requires many trips back and forth pulling on switch then pulling on hood. Anyone know what's causing this, and more importantly how to fix it?

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