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  1. Huh? It's a quote from Heavy Metal. Oh I get it now! Yeah that's a great scene. Most anime movies and series are adaptations from mangas (japanese comic books). I have a couple of mangas from the Naruto series, they're good stuff. A lot longer than American comic books, but usually mangas are in black and white. Mangas also aren't restricted by any regulating bodies (The Comics Code Authority anyone?) so they can get as violent and throw in as much nudity as the artist wants. Oh Cowboy Bebop is sooo awesome, I love every minute of it. I'v seen all of the cartoon network edited shows twice, and I own the movie.
  2. Well as an econ major I can say that regulating prices would be more of a hassle than anything else. We would quickly run into shortages because we wouldn't be able to find massive supplies of the cheap oil that would be required to keep gas prices low especially when there are plenty of other countries ready to pay more for oil. Either that or the government would be spending massive amounts to reduce prices which would just mean more taxes. Government regulation stifles economies because they don't have a clue as to what they are doing. Also regulating prices wouldn't work in Hawaii since their gas has to be shipped all the way out there just like everything else (except for what they grow like macadamia nuts).
  3. Huh? Anyway did some research on Gasuraki and couldn't find much. Then I found that it's spelled Gasaraki. A box set as well as individual DVD's are available at www.animenation.com as well as from www.amazon.com Heavy Metal was the movie that got me started on Anime, then along came Heavy Metal 2000 and then Akira. Heavy Metal 2000 is the movie that I used to introduce my friends to anime, needless to say it was a rousing success. I have the past couple of Anime Unleashed series saved on my TiVo, I haven't gotten around to watching them yet.
  4. You beat me to moving this discussion 88! Anyway I concur Hellsing is awesome. It is being shown on Encore Action (channel 532 on DirecTV satelite) Fridays at 12AM EST or 9PM here on the west coast. Encore gets some good movies and series, and they don't edit! G4-TechTV also has anime at 1AM (eastern). Right now they are showing R.O.D. The TV, they edit but not as bad as Cartoon Net. Instead of cutting out scenes with nuddity they mearly pixelate the nudity, much better than cutting up the show.
  5. Hmm this topic starts with "Unless anyone has any other ideas, will be getting JGC springs soon. Any good sources? Cost?" and is now a discussion of anime And I'm to blame Anyway I'll keep this up, Heavy Metal (both the orginal and 2000) aren't technically anime they're all American. Ghost in the Shell is a great movie, the TV series (on cartoon networks adult swim) is also very good. I heard Ghost in the Shell 2 is good, but that the DVD is horrid, the subtitles are hearing impared subtitles (adds things like *helicoptor roters* and things like that). More great animes: Ninja Scroll- super violent, fairly good plot, and great english dub. Spriggan- super violent, fun to watch, plot is lacking and has holes miles wide, good english dub Jin Roh- some very violent moments but the really shines for it's plot, great english dub, can be hard to watch Miami Guns- hilarious series many episodes have put me in tears, a HORRID dub it is unwatchable in english the dub is that bad. Phew I'v got more but I'm bored with this whole typing thing. :type:
  6. Don't click and drag, just click once. Oh yeah and Welcome! And don't worry there's no such thing as too stoopid a question for this board. Anyone up for another discussion on blinker fluid?
  7. Of course I'll trade! All I need is: your address, social security number, checking account and PIN, two major credit cards, and the keys to your pathy. Thanks simon for the info.
  8. This has been bothering me for a while now. There is an orange sticker on my rear diff that says LSD. What does this mean? Does it mean that I have a limited slip differential? Or does it just mean that some idiot was running around sticking LSD stickers on things? I'v searched but can't find for sure if Pathy's came with rear Limited slip differentials.
  9. Heavy Metal is awesome, but the sequel was even better (Heavy Metal 2000 I think)
  10. Well not neccesarily, they could've taken the key off, or superglued it down, or duct taped it. Anyway it's not that annoying (OK so it is but I'm sure we can get used to it).
  11. There was a person at my sister's school who had a two tone red/ grey scheme. I mostly see red and blues around here. I have a burgandy and so does another person who lives a couple of miles down the road from me (hers is a 4 door though ) I also see the occasional grey. I have seen two light brown (sage?). Only seen one white. I think I'v only seen one black and that was on a road trip.
  12. Don't take this the wrong way BB but please turn the caps lock off, it's annoying. As to having to extend the lines, you probably won't have to unless the lines have absolutely no slack.
  13. You think 2.50 is bad it was 2.69 out here in Felton CA! And that's regular!
  14. if you already have a yahoo account you just have to go over to geocities and select the free account (they have paid accounts with increased bandwidth and no ads but you don't need that for pictures). BTW My favorite scenes in Akira 1 At the beginning when the the kid looks out from the back of a car all smiling then recoils in horror as the window gets covered in doggie brains. 2 When Tetsuo makes himself a cape.
  15. AHAHAHAHAHA! I loved the look both ways move he pulled before he started dancing.
  16. The air horn was awesome! Seems like something me and my friends would do
  17. Hey I do too have a friend. hey, virtual friends don't count.... ... was gonna make a comment about $3.99 per minute but I guess I won't. I have more class than $3.99 a minute More like $5 a minute
  18. HAHA I just realized how stoopid that sounded I meant manual trans of course. Once again sorry I came off sounding harsh, and you're right hardware it is very possible for a truck not to come with the manual (the book type of course ) Once again I need to think before I open my big mouth (or in this case my typing fingers).
  19. SC88Pathy


    You might want to upgrade that power supply 380 watts is a little low for an Athlon 64. Otherwise nice rig (this of course is from a mac person, but I can appreciate PC's as gaming rigs).
  20. I have only had positive experiances with AAA tow trucks. They towed my old car (a Toyota Camry for those wondering) all the way from my house to my mechanics a good half hour drive on windy mountain roads for free. The repair wasn't free however. The water pump seized on my way home I had to drive about 3 miles listening to a horrible whistling noise, and within a 1/4 mile from home water started spewing out from the lines.
  21. If you would read the owners manual you would know that the interlock alows you to start a manual trans truck without depressing the clutch. I don't even have a manual and I know that because I read the manual when I got my truck. Sorry if I sound harsh but seriously at least try to do some research first.
  22. NR I think you win. Sounds like you got some serious work ahead

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