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  1. How come you didn't mention the motor mounts on your board 88?
  2. ¡Bienvinedos Martín! Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun with your Pathfinder.
  3. Pictures can be added to any forum area. If you want to post more than one picture host the pictures on another websites (a geocities account will suffice) and then use the "IMG" button to insert the picture. The IMG button will ask you for the web address for your pic so have it copied and ready to paste. If you need some help with any of this ask and I'll be more than happy to go into more detail.
  4. Yes the JGC lift is for 86.5-95 pathys. Use the search to get more info on the JGC lift.
  5. Well they must not have even looked at the car: "Doors: Four Door" Maybe it's an imaginary 87 pathy, that's why it's so expensive. I think I'll email the seller just for giggles. ~ OK just tried to contact seller and it says: "You are trying to access a non-existent vehicle listing..." I guess they figured it out.
  6. Ugh, last year I got carded for an R rated movie. What really pissed me off my friend who purchased his ticket before me didn't get carded! :furious:
  7. You're going to have to fabricate mostly everything yourself. :o Here is a link to a discussion on engine swaps (including Chevy 350) on Pathfinders http://wd21forums.damagedreality.com/phpbb...wtopic.php?t=29 BTW Nice paint job!
  8. Welcome! An auto isn't that bad, and in some situations might be preferable to a manual for instance with the auto you're towing capacity is greater 4000 versus 3500 for stick sly
  9. Hehe I already have a limited slip. I think my first mod is going to be the K&N air filter, then maybe an oil filter relocation kit, mainly because the current location is a pain in the @ss. I mean seriously you can't even see where the threads are when you screw on the filter!
  10. Yup 21 today, I can't go crazy though tomorrow is my first day of work and I'v got to show up for my morning class (big paper due). I'm probably going to celebrate this weekend
  11. Oof, that thing is ugly :oops: But than again it was free, I don't think I could say no to a free truck either. At the very least you're getting a free set of tires. Looks like you got a lot of work ahead
  12. Welcome! Another 2 door pathy, you belong to a select club and don't let the 4 doorers tell you otherwise And pics! Post some pics! My first car was also a Taurus and I also wrecked mine several months after getting it. Weird huh?
  13. Wow looks like you guys had a lotta fun -bounce- But where was the pathy love? There are barely any pics of your pathy in action. I really like the green grill mod on that black hardbody. Finally what is up with that grey Heep? Don't tell me that it has a PVC pipe bumper because that's what it looks like from the pics.
  14. That's a part of anime called Hentai. Hentai is only for adults, and can explore some very interesting/twisted paths (stuff that actors would say no way too kind of stuff). Some Hentai can get very gross. Most anime isn't like that and you should give it a second chance. Go rent Akira or Cowboy Bebop the Movie if you want to see some good NORMAL anime.
  15. I'm watching Hellsing right now! On Encore Action (directv channel 532).
  16. Try opening the pics in an image editor (MS Paint will probably work) then choose save as jpeg, make sure to click web ready if that is an option (it is on the Mac program GraphicConverter). Make sure that the file extension .jpg is at the end of the file name. Also your avatar has to be less than 20kb in size.
  17. No me first! I need $10 from everyone to buy some AT tires! :help:
  18. They've already done so, here is a link to Four Wheelers road test: http://fourwheeler.com/roadtests/129_0410_powr/
  19. I don't have any clues as to how cb works so I can't help with much, but I can suggest some mounting positions: First is under the stereo I have seen a couple of pictures of people who mounted theirs there; I think this is the best location. Second is on top of the dash smack dab in the middle; this might not be as good due to wiring considerations and sunlight. Maybe just maybe you could mount it inside the storage area thing between the front seats, I don't know that area might be too small. You could try mounting it overhead too but that's going to entail a lot of work to get it to look clean. Hope this helps.
  20. Well as for alternatives to gas there are a number of fuels that can be made from corn and other renewable sources, but those can be harsh on engines and there's the problem of where would we grow enough to make a reliable supply? Biodiesel is also making good headway, so we all might want to start looking for the Turbo diesal engines for our pathys. Hydrogen apparently can be used in a conventional piston engine, but I don't know if old engines could be converted to use it. Also there is still the problem of producing enough hydrogen.
  21. But if they shoot all the cats how will they make PBR?
  22. If you absolutely can't pass smog slick you could drive to Watsonville, I'v heard that the smog shops there are very friendly, especially with Washington, Lincoln, and Jackson. sssh As for my Pathy it's been smogged twice since it's been in my families possesion. And it better pass next time I get it smoged since we spent quite a bit getting the EGR system fixed. :furious:
  23. Jason that is called "smoking" your headlights. There are two ways to do it: the first (and the way that killvox appears to have done it) is to buy a cover from summit or ac (example here. ). The other way is to actually tint the glass (I think they inject something inside the housing, not sure what though). Doing this might be illegal in some states, especially for the headlights, not so much for the taillights.
  24. I'm still up for wheelin slick, but I probably won't be able to until the semester ends (first week of June).
  25. It's not politicians it's the stupid DMV. Of course you could still do the swap not tell anyone and maybe "grease the wheels" of your local smog shop. sssh Oh and then never get pulled over.

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