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  1. My mom: "Slow down!" Less than a minute later: "We're going to be late!"
  2. We got lucky this year, we'v been having weather where it gets warm enough for the wasps to become active, and then it snaps back into cold rainy weather. Kills off a lot of the little f*ckers. The worst kind we get are scrub bees, or meat bees. They make eating outside in the summer darn near impossible.
  3. Driving home from Laguna Seca last year (woo hoo Historic Auto Races!) I saw an 80s Volvo station wagon with a HUGE whale tail style spoiler on the roof. I was laughing for days!
  4. I think that we have agreed without conversation that there is only one 88. Sorry M in KC, we'll have to think of another nickname for SC88Pathy. :contract: I completely agree there is only one 88 and it's not me. :bow: SC will do as a shortening, not that SC88Pathy is that long. BTW 88 I need to edit my vote for this poll I clicked 17+ instead of 15-17, can you fix that for me?
  5. About as usefull as putting magnets on your fuel line. Or putting magnets on your wrist for that matter.
  6. It's not replacing the bolts thats a pain, it's removing old broken bolts that's a pain. If you install new headers you're still going to have to remove the old bolts.
  7. I might not be 88 but I got 88 in my name. Go to www.summitracing.com and do a search for part number RAN-RS5116. Their price is $40.95 each for Rancho RS5000 size 5116.
  8. Looks like it's in Orgon west of Portland. Here's a link to the Oregon Department of Forestry's page about Tillamook. http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/TSF/tsf.shtml
  9. Mine isn't anywhere near as funny as k9sar's but it is just as stupid. Friday I went running on the beach with a couple of my buddies. I thought that we were going to stay on the beach so I took off my shoes (as did all 3 of my buddies) and left them in the Pathfinder (no I didn't go sand wheeling, no tire pressure gauge, and there was a life gaurd in a truck on the beach). We started running but soon we got to the end of the beach and the beginning of the yacht harbor. Instead of turning around and heading back we decided to continue running around the harbor to get to the next beach. At this point I should mention that the harbor isn't surrounded by sand, it's surrounded by cement. We ran around the harbor and got to the next beach, and I decided to take a look at my feet. I counted at least 3 blisters on each foot. But did we stop at this point? No! We were going to get to the NEXT beach, I mean our feet weren't bleeding so we were fine, right? Anyways we get to the end of that beach and walk through a bunch of Eucalyptus trees behind someones yard and get to a side street. I take a look at my feet again as now they are beginning to hurt really bad. I had two more blisters than last time and now one of my toes had a strip of skin hanging from it! I suddenly realised that walking any further was out of the question. Luckily a nice girl offered me and one of my friends a ride back to my Pathfinder. Driving the Pathfinder hurt so much, I'm just glad I didn't have to deal with a clutch. Now it's Tuesday and most of the blisters are gone. The toe is beginning to heal, but it still hurts as do 2 blisters which popped.
  10. I haven't had a chance to go camping with the Pathy. However when I go on our yearly family camping trip I always sleep in the back of our F150 with the shell on. I plop my twin size air bed in there and it fits perfectly. I'm only 5'10" so I have no problems fitting. However head room is an issue, there's barely enough available for me to sit up.
  11. The 1st to second shift in my 88 is very abrupt and is usually around 3000, as one other member put it "like hitting a brick wall." Other wise the shifts are smooth. Interestingly enough I find that the 1st to second shift is a bit more smooth if you put your foot down and force it to shift more at around 4000+. ~I checked today and the shift point is more around 2500 RPM for 1st to 2nd with light gas peddle pressure. Also the shift becomes less abrupt once the trans has had a chance to warm up.
  12. SC88Pathy


    You guys think braking is bad? First go get about 5 blisters on each foot, and rip up your toe next to your little toe on your driving foot. Then go driving and try to stop. That's what I did this weekend (went running barefoot with my buddies on the beach, and then we tried to get to the next beach without going back and getting our shoes. BAAAD idea! ) Trying to put enough pressure on the brakes to stop in any reasonable distance hurt sooo bad. I'm just glad I have an auto, my friend had to drive a stick with feet in similar condition to mine (of course he has a CRX so might not have been as bad as the pathy). Lessons learned: 1 don't try and run on cement without shoes, 2 chicks dig guys in pain as evidenced by the free ride back to my pathy. sly
  13. No you don't stop on this road, waaay to many scary rednecks. Also when it seized I didn't know what had happened, it sounded kinda like I was dragging something at first. When the water started spewing I could practicly see my house so I wasn't going to stop, I mean I had already gotten that far. Now if it had seized when I was in town, or even a couple of miles further back on the road, yea I probably would have stopped.
  14. Welcome! Read your profile and it sounds like you've got one sick pathy! We've had a lot of two doors signing up recently, probably because the two doors are so awesome! JK to all you four door folks, it's all in good fun.
  15. I had the water pump seize once in my old Camry. It was no fun, I was about 3 miles from home and had to drive listening to my belts slipping over the pulley. Then when I was about 1/2 mile from home water started spewing out of the pump and boiling out of the reserve tank, which got the belts wet which made even more noise. You could see where I had driven by the trail of water.
  16. Earth, I'm using a Mac and I have no problem seeing pictures. What browser and system are you using? I'm using Safari, and running OS 10.2.8. :type:
  17. Or get one of those kits that they made for old WWII jeeps that turned the jeep into a canoe. I'm sure one could be modified to fit a Pathfinder, then you could cross any body of water, heck you could even pop the glass in the back and mount an outboard motor! Then you could go *anywhere*!
  18. A much cheaper idea is to go find yourself a straight stick, mark off the deepest you think your truck can go, and use that to measure how deep a hole is. You could even add marks for the bottom of your door, the bottom of your intake, etc. :idea:
  19. Oh yeah I should add that my driving is mostly freeway and windy mountain roads.
  20. I'll start it out. I'v got an 88 V6 and currently I'm averaging 16-17 MPG. Highest MPG yet is 18, and lowest was 15 last fill up. That 15 was probably because it was raining and I love to floor it in the rain. Spin those tires! -bounce- Of course I drive with a lead foot regardless of the weather. sly
  21. It's just geocities. It's free so you can't complain.
  22. Poor little pathy! :sniff: It's too bad that your truck got f****ed up hopefully you will be able to fix it. I guess the lesson to be learned is to always check how deep it is before you jump in.
  23. Are you sure you aren't an "architect kinda deally bobber" slick? It looks a lot better with the cab off. I really like the stepside bed design, looks a lot cooler than a boring regular bed. I think the diamond plate will look cool. It rained all weekend here too. Looks like the rains stopped now, but it's supposed to rain again Weds. I was going to go wheelin in the rain Sat. but my friend got the crapped kicked out of him in Ju Jitsu and wasn't up to doing anything. But things will still be good and muddy this weekend
  24. Yup that's what Gracie looks like. Here's a picture of both Rita and Gracie.
  25. We had an incident with a deer last Weds. (the 13th). A deer had got inside our fenced in property (about 40 acres). My dad and I were looking at the deer planning how we were going to get it out when our dogs, who were sleeping behind us, woke up saw the deer and tore off after it. The dogs chased it around almost the entire fenceline, and finally caught it after the deer ran into the fence. Unfortunately they didn't kill it because our neighbors gardner scared them off when she ran over to the fence. At least that's why I assume they left the deer, I was running down to where they were from my house at that point. When I got down there the dogs had already done a lot of damage, the rear leg and chest were torn up and very bloody. The deer started ramming into the fence (old kinda rusty hog wire) and finally broke through to limp away into the forest. It's too bad that the dogs didn't get a chance to kill it because it probably died of blood loss or was killed by Coyotes. After the deer ran away the dogs came back and they were covered in blood. I should've taken a picture of them before I washed them off, but I wasn't exactly thinking about photo opportunities. Oh and if you're wondering the dogs are Weimaraners.

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