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  1. Not sure yet as to whether I'll do it or get someone else to. From what I'v read in the garage posts its a PITA, of course there's also the question of whether I can afford to pay someone to do it.
  2. Went to get my pathy aligned today as it has been pulling to the right. Gave the guy the keys to the pathy and went inside to wait. About 10 minutes later he comes in to tell me that he can't align the truck because the lower ball joints are worn and there's too much play in the suspension. Stupid rizzrum ragum :furious: . Now I have to get the BJ's replaced, and a simple alignment has turned into a big ol expensive hassle. Not only that but the tire I had for my spare was too damaged to hold air, and they didn't have any used 31x10.5's. pssd Today just wasn't my day.
  3. Dag nabit! If only I was on the east coast, I'm actually looking for another Pathfinder or hardbody pick up right now, a rig that I can go all out on and not have to worry about hurting my daily driver off roading. If anyone sees any cheap west coast pathy's, running or not, (preferably 2 door but I won't turn down a four door) let me know. My only reqs are that the frame susp. and drivetrain are undamaged; it doesn't have to be pretty it's going to be a trail rig.
  4. No prob Slick! Wheel366, yes having drums to serve as your e-brake or parking brake is common.
  5. Slick get to the Moss Landing pick n pull quick, I saw an early 90's with rear discs there sunday (actually was the pathy I pulled my new spare off of). It also had rock sliders (i think) a beat to hell brush gaurd, and some spiffy tan leather rear seats. Unfortunatly the front seats were already taken. :sniff:
  6. Discs are way better hands down no question about it.
  7. Will do, but probably not for a couple of weeks at least. It's not that important it just bothers me that it doesn't work.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! -bounce-
  9. OK I tried arming the system as described (turn ignition to ON, turn alarm on, turn ignition off, shut doors and wait 30 seconds), the LED didn't flash. After 50 seconds I shook the car jumped up and down on the bumper and nothing. Opened the door and didn't stick the key in the ignition and waited fifteen seconds, nothing. Does the engine have to be running when you turn the alarm switch to on? The manual says that you can't disarm the system completely so what gives?! pssd
  10. I don't want to bother converting to KM/H but I usually cruise at 70-75 MPH in my 88 V6 auto on the highway (if traffic allows of course). 75 is usually at 2900-2800RPM, 70 MPH is closer to 2500 RPM and 60-65 is usually close to 2000 RPM.
  11. When you checked the trans fluid was it warmed up, and did you shift through every position (ie P R N D 2 1 2 D N R P)? If you didn't you can get an incorrect reading.
  12. No rear liscence plate? Very clean pathy I like! :cool2:
  13. Went to the junkyard today, their selection of pathfinders was piss poor, only two pathfinders (one two door and one four door) and no hardbody pickups. However the four door Pathfinder had exactly what I needed a lego wheel, and a lego hubcap (which was hidden under a bunch of junk in the back of the car). No fuses they were all taken, and no power side mirrors, at least none that weren't broken. :sniff: The tire on the lego is very bald, but I'v got a spare 31x10.5 tire that came with my pathy when I got it. ~ I forgot to mention that I also grabbed all the lugs, so I now have 7 spare lug nuts (previous owner had a couple of spares too) if anyone needs a couple.
  14. I don't beieve in ghosts. BOO! AHHH! WHAT WAS THAT!!!???
  15. Lookin good hardware! :cool2: Now you've got to update your sig!
  16. Thanks for reminding me! My passenger side mirror is broke, it will only go up and down not left or right. I better pick up one of those, I'll get the driver side one for you if you want (and provided it costs <$20 )
  17. OK going to pick n pull tomorrow (half off all parts sat & sun! Woo hoo!), I'm hoping to find a lego tire (with or without a 31x10.5 tire), rear lego hubcap, spare fuses (I only have a spare yellow one right now), and maybe a LOUD horn. Anything else I should look for? I'm not ready to do the JGC lift so I don't really need those, but I'd be happy to pick some springs up for anyone (for a fee of course). Anything else you guys think I should get?
  18. OK just went outside, set switch to on and locked the doors. Nothing. Light didn't blink flash or even go on. :confused: Maybe the LED has burned out? Or maybe the previous owners disconnected it, there are two wires one white and one black laying on the drivers side floor, but they look like they're speaker wires. I'll take a picture and post it. OK pictures taken and resized. I'm fairly certain that the wires are speaker wires now, but I'll post anyway. BTW you can also see my super sweet super mario floor mats in this pic. Oh and this is what the switch looks like (I got to use Macro mode on my camera!)
  19. I'v seen some videos of russian police raids. You do not want to break the law in Russia, the police could care less about claims of "police brutality." In one video I saw they raided an apartment complex where a criminal was hiding out, they bust down the door and start beating everyone they see. Then they figure out they have the wrong room, and they go and do the same thing again this time in the right room. Talk about kicking hiney and taking names!
  20. Gracias para los correciones (I don't think I spelled that right) a mi español. Yo necesito practicar mi español. -study- Creo que sayjack queire hablar "Yo no sé nunca (¿nunca o nada aquí?) español." Y ahora, si yo puedo, hay algun correciones a su inglés. "the correct spell is: necesito." No es "spell," es "spelling" "You are a young people" No es "people" es "person" "You are right, some word are bad spelled, here my modest help about your effort to write in spanish" The proper sentance would be (I don't know how to say that in Spanish) "You are right, some words are misspelled. Here is my modest help towards your effort to write in Spanish." Hay algun otros "mistakes" pero (where does the accent go?) yo no queiro "write" más. (I forgot how to say write! ¡Necesito practicar mucho más!) :type:
  21. I'm not sure if my alarm works or if it is the stock alarm. :confused: First the switch for the alarm is a three setting switch "off on and impact off" with an led below it. When I move the switch to on or impact off the red led doesn't come on. How can I tell if its working? Fortunatly I live ruraly and have a heavy duty gate on my driveway so I don't have to worry about someone breaking into my car at night, but at school or when I'm in the city I worry about it.
  22. For anyone who is (or wants to be) a total nerd there is a huge Anime convention in San Jose, CA May 27-30. I'll be going Sat. the 28 probably. The web page for the convention is http://www.fanime.com/ To be fair I'm not a complete nerd, I will NOT be dressing up (or cosplaying as the kids call it).
  23. ¡Bienvinedos a NPORA! Yo puedo hablar un poco Español, pero no mucho. Yo hablo y creo en engles (did I spell that right?). En California hay muchos latinos entonces necisito (that's spelled wrong) hablar Español. Su engles es bueno, mas mejor que me español. That's about the limit of my Spanish. There are a couple of other members from South America who probably can speak and write much better Spanish than I can.
  24. Haha! That scared the piss outa me! Good find.
  25. Yup. Rhino Liner, or any other spray/roll on bed liner. I suggest rhino liner since they have that awesome really long commercial on TV, with dirt bikes crashing, chicks, jeeps and trucks four wheelin, models, people throwin all kinds of stuff into a rhino lined bed, twins, and all set to some awesome but rock. The commercials are available at www.rhinoliner.com but they don't seem to be working for me right now.

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