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  1. Before when iPhones were AT&T only I would have only suggested Android, but now that Verizon is getting the iPhone that's different.


    Personally I like the Android phones. Lots of choices for look and feel of the phone, plus very good app support. One downside is that you are basically giving your life to Google. Of course same goes for the iPhone and Apple. From a data privacy standpoint blackberry seems to be the best choice.


    Also just to give my thoughts on AT&T



  2. So my girlfriend and I have never been snowboarding, ever.


    So now it is our (and by our I mean I'm doing all the work and she's just going OK) plan to remedy this situation! We've already found a friend who lives close to the snow (he has a cabin up in the mountains too but it's only close to a really expensive ski resort) and a resort that is having learn to ride specials for January.


    But really I am totally clueless as to well everything. I know I'm going to need a warm jacket and pants (jacket will be ordered soon and ski pants are being given to me by a friend who has an extra pair). I also know I'm going to need some gloves (also being ordered) and goggles.


    So what can y'all recommend to me? Anything I should know? Something I probably wouldn't think of that I will need?

  3. Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 30, 2010, 7:07 pm, CANADA

    Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 30, 2010, 2:39 pm, CANADA

    Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 30, 2010, 2:10 pm, CANADA

    At Foreign Delivery Unit, December 30, 2010, 9:01 am, CANADA

    Attempted Delivery Abroad, December 29, 2010, 9:01 pm, CANADA

    At Foreign Delivery Unit, December 29, 2010, 12:56 pm, CANADA


    My santa-ee needs to answer his door!

  4. So I got my present from my Santa today


    My Santa sent me Wizards First Rule, by Terry Goodkind! I have been meaning to read this book for a long time!


    Me Santa also sent me a 2011 calendar featuring Helicopters! Which my dad saw and immediately took for his own :lol:


    Thank you so much to my anonymous Santa from Washington!

  5. Hey look Adam did all of my work for me! That's my wishlist from last year in the OP :D


    It's about the same except now I also have a Nintendo DS for video games.


    The Amazon wishlist is out of date so don't buy anything from it. I will update it soonish. How soonish depends on when my laptop battery charger arrives (my laptops internal charger/power supply decided that it didn't like doing it's job anymore)

  6. PM sent!


    Hooray for having a job and being able to afford to buy presents!


    Hope you know what you've gotten yourself into B, organizing this thing takes way more time than it seems like it would.

  7. Made a spontaneous trip today. They updated the park a little more. It offers a lot more ostacle courses and lighter rock crawling. Some super easy and some still extremely hard. But was a nice change.

    Eye candy


    *ring ring*

    Me: Hey Andrew

    Enjoi: Guess where I'm going!?

    Me: Uh where?

    E: Hollister!




    At least you could have offered to let me ride shotgun or something!

  8. Yall need to shut the f up


    It is almost impossible to legally immigrate from Mexico. The majority of the illegal immigrants want to be legal US citizens, but as the system is currently in both Mexico and US it is impossible unless you are very rich. When our forefathers came to this country generally someone here in the US supported you. Now it is impossible for anyone to do that, the system isn't set up that way anymore. If you want to get help in Mexico good f'ing luck. The system is so messed up there it would cost you thousands of dollars to get even a work visa.


    Anyone who says otherwise can ask anyone from Mexico and they will tell you the exact same thing. So all of you who say "Oh they're just lazy and don't want to do the hard work of becoming a legal citizen" can go f yourselves.


    Very few migrants come here to do illegal things. But guess what? They will still come here to do illegal things no matter how hard you make it to come here. Those who want to be here legally still suffer.

  9. Thanks guys!


    My girlfriends b-day gift to me was paying for me to pre-reg for a Magic The Gathering pre-release tournament. And then last night I had dinner with my parents, then went and played some more magic with my friends.


    No good news on the pathfinder though, still just sittin' out under the trees.

  10. Also petition online is pointless


    If you really want to make a difference try writing to your congressperson, preferably an actual letter


    Emails work, but are more likely to be ignored


    Heck if you can find a way to talk to your congressperson that's the best

  11. I believe there was one for the Iphone also. It was in a thread about 6 months ago and the general concensus was that it wasn't like the real thing. I personally wonder how the hell it works, I can't imagine the phones have gimble mounted gyroscopes... :shrug:




    They have accelerometers inside of them. I'm not sure how accurate it would be as they are designed to measure sudden or drastic changes.

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