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  1. I have read with colder (snowing) climates people run the 5w-30, but I have also read it pays to go to heavier oils as you get km's/miles on the donk. I always go the heavier weight oils on my engines especially when they have some high k's on them. I am in Tasmania we get sub 0deg C mornings here regularly in our winter and with the thicker oils I just let the car warm up a bit longer before hitting the road, no big deal 3-5min of the car sitting in the driveway while I fix myself a coffee. The noise you are hearing is more than likely just lifter noise/rattle, nothing to be worried about, a bit more info like mileage on your pathy could help, but I reckon she is just lifter noise normal wear and tear. The stabiliser you added is a good call, and will effectively just give you a heavier grade oil. Just get a 10w-30 next service and go from there, this is all just experience you will gain as you get older and keep playing with cars. I don't think you need to drop the pan, I reckon you are just opening a can of worms, if it ain't broke don't mess with it. As for the oil pressures on the chinesium gauge, did you check gauge accuracy with a known pressure source like compressed air? If not those cheap gauges can be all over the place with their calibration. My only aftermarket gauges I plan on running will be some temp guages for the transmission and engine, and that is only so I can monitor my temps while towing our camper trailer. Hope this helps set your mind at ease kid, don't overthink things, keep it simple stupid ?
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