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  1. Yeah cleaning it is definitely the correct answer here, but it’s time consuming and not much fun lol Even without cleaning it should be evident in the loss of fluid though, and I’m not seeing any loss in power steering, engine oil, or transmission fluid
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  2. When I got mine I spent an afternoon degreasing and pressure cleaning the engine, steering rack, transmission, CV's, and engine bay, gives you a good base line to chase leaks as once everything is clean, it is easier to see where the leaks are coming from, one thing I noted was after a few drives I did have oil work out of areas I didn't quite get with the pressure washer. Each time I found some leaking down I cleaned it again (spray can degreaser and rag) and traced where it might be coming from and checked it again after the next drive. After a bit of investigationing I discovered the right hand valve cover was loose and leaking. Tightened up and and has taken the leak up for now, but I now know to keep an eye on it. A lot of my gunk on my engine was from split CV boots, and a weeping power steering. Cleaned up and monitor, have added stop leak power steering fluid, and replaced CV's. Long story short clean everything within an inch of it's life and it will make tracing leaks much easier, and once it's clean it's easier to keep clean. Plus it makes working on the engine so much nicer when you aren't covered with muck from fingers to elbows. Just my 2c worth
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  3. Checking the oil about a week ago I noticed all of these cracks in the engine fan: Probably not too far off letting go! Found a new OEM blade, not an easy part to find these days, although I am sure there are other 80s nissans that could donate a 2nd hand one. Another job ticked off the list. Next is to build a battery tray and get the 2nd battery back in (another thing the PO removed) and fit my fridge/freezer in the back. Going out to chase the yella tomorrow, looking forward to it. Stay safe all.
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  4. Sorry for the delay, just got back from Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats (new car being built to make NIssan Z32 raise eyebrows again) No charge for the bumper plans as they sint and as you see the pics in this thread. If you have solid-works I am happy to share the files. I really want to put everything together with my build notes (you know how things change on a prototype as it comes together/modifications, but I am happy to share pics of the notes and the cad files at this point (interviewing for a new job later this month and studying for multiple certifications that may impress my way into the job leaves little time for the things I really enjoy ... I don't care if you want to make them for resale even... I just want to give back. The only thing I ask is that you are serious as it will take some effort at this point to gather it together.
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  5. My plan is to offer as complete instructions as i can including bend angles and fish-mouth templates when totally finished... as well as suggestions for improvements. Side note: 24 hours of Le Mans was freaking amazing; I suggest anyone who can to attend at some point in their lives.
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