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  1. replaced cam sensor bank 2, it was super gunky. sprayed brake cleaner in the cam sensor hole. did an oil change + oil filter change. i noticed right away it was idling at a lower RPM.I cleared the codes. I'll drive it around and see if they come back + see how the warm start + tranny do.
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  2. Reviving this thread finally. I spent some time over the course of 3 months trying to loosen that damn crank nut. I never could get the thing to loosen without an impact wrench. Shortly after trying that I injured my back real bad at work and it took a while to recover from it and then there was... 2020. So... Here I am 2 years later, I sold my green Pathy to a neighbor who then sold it to another neighbor, and then he sold it to one of his friends. That friend of his has it still and we talk about getting mine up and running often. Well thanks to stimulus #3 I've got more parts and a renewed interest to getting my black Pathfinder running. Some things are better over time right? I now have 6 new fuel injectors ready to be installed. I have bought new belts, coolant hoses, a coolant reservoir because the original is literally falling apart, fan clutch, fan blade, starter motor, and various other parts. Just about everything I could think of other than the water pump. If the water pump does go out at some point I'll take it to a local shop and have them get that crank nut off. After 2 years the garage has also become a clutter magnet from storing other things so I gotta get the garage cleaned out too but we all know what that's like I imagine. BUT, I'm ready to fix this thing and start enjoying the wonderful Montana backroads. As with before I will take some pictures and post them along with my commentary. As I like to proclaim, enjoy the ride! P.S.: Thanks to all of the previous posters in this thread and all of the other wonderful how-to and rebuild threads out there. This forum is worth its text in gold.
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