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  1. I just finished a 5 spd conversion on my '88. I noticed that the shifting was stiff and clunky especially when cold. I used 5.1 qts of 75-90 gl4 as recommended. I was told years ago from a mechanic friend that he uses atf/Dexron in most manual transmissions and gets excellent results. I tried it on an older BMW a long time ago and remembered that the results were noticeably improved. So I dumped the gear oil out on my pathy today and filled it with Dexron. The results are NIGHT and DAY! Shifts like butter now. I'm actually amazed by the results.
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  2. Got Hoss out for the Easter break for a shakedown run on the van towing duties. The good news it tows like a train hardly knew the van was hooked up, the not so good news the arse end sagged like a mofo with the weight on the drawbar, time for some airbags. They will allow me to level out with the van and swags loaded up, and air down for when we go off road adventuring with no load allowing some flex
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  3. So I did a thing with the second stimulus money, and got a new Apple CarPlay capable head unit. Went with a Sony XAV-AX5000 off a recommendation from another guy in a local overlanding group. I completed the install today and am pretty pleased with the results. I have 21st century tech now, and the sound quality is significantly improved over the factory unit. The nice thing, and one of the motivating factors is that Gaia GPS works with CarPlay which should come in handy while off grid.. I also went with a backup camera. I couldn’t really get perfect placement for the camera with the Wilco spare tire carrier back there, but I mainly wanted to be able to see where my tire and hitch/shackle were if I’m in a tight space. Ended up placing the camera where most new factory cameras would go. Again the view isn’t perfect but it’ll get the job done... It was a total pain running the camera wire through the hatch and through the rubber conduit that connects the body to the hatch wiring but I got through it.
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