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    The parts stores sell replacement "wires" for the coil on plug ignition systems. They are replacement wires, boots, and seals that go between the coil and spark plugs. My experience with COP systems is unless there was mechanical damage to the coil, if one is failed or failing, replace them all together, or you will be chasing issues.
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    I may have asked this before. On my bought-new '92 XE coming up on 100k, the gas gauge can't seem to make up its mind, occasionally showing full when full, then empty a mile later, then up and down, It could, of course, be the gauge or the sender, but the low fuel light never comes on. It must use a different sender. This is not serious, but I would like an easy solve if someone has it. Thanks, Jim Armstrong Potter Valley, CA
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    I just get an assortment from a local parts store and usually there is one or 2 that work.
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    Photos from[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] I can’t tell you how much I like his set up. The dust/chase lights work great too.

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